Holy Week, Sinful Heart

This is the most important week of celebration in the Christian faith. My anticipation is bursting at the seams to celebrate the journey to Calvary. This week, I’m painfully aware of my sinful heart. I’m suddenly attuned to my deep need for a Savior. It makes the celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice even more triumphant. I think about sharing the Gospel to people all of the time and the one thing that stops me every time is my fear that they won’t see their need for a Savior. That our world has made them feel so comfortable and so good about themselves that they do not even know they need salvation. Everyone seems so content with their life.

Of course, this is my own logic getting in the way. Even though people might look shiny and happy on the outside, it is impossible to have real joy outside of God. It is impossible to fully live outside of Christ.Every single person who has not put their hope in Christ is hurting and dying. I must remember that every day. As the celebration of the cross and Resurrection draw nearer, I am determined to share the salvation that awaits the hurt, dying, broken, lonely, guilty, and shameful.

With Christ, all things are possible.