More Than My Baby

As Mark and I raise June Jett – our single most pride and joy in this world – we are quickly discovering new areas of growth in our lives and in our marriage. We recently learned a very hard lesson which seems almost cruel and hard to articulate:

We must put our marriage before our daughter.

Even now, it sounds odd and out of whack. It’s actually a very hard thing to do for us because June is such a light and joy in our lives. The love we feel for her is unconditional and goes beyond all human reason or desire. However, as hard as it seems, we must do this for the sake of our family being healthy, whole and balanced.

We always thought of “God first, family second, ministry third”. We never thought, “God first, spouse second, children third, ministry fourth.”

Mark and I have to remember that we are one flesh – our children will have to be released from us someday into their own marriages and families.

Twitter trouble

I’ve started and restarted the same blog post about 10 times today. Only to get one line down on the page. I’ve been twitterfied! I have spent the last year neglecting my blog and only twittering.

What once was a thoughtful narrative is now only a short sentence. I keep trying to find creative ways to express my emotions, thoughts, love, believes in 140 characters or less.

Not sure if this is a good thing…

Everyday Wonderful for Everyone!

Last week, I had a huge surge of folks read my blog due to Carlos Whittaker’s post. His question got me thinking about the joy that Mark and I experience in our marriage and our parenthood. I truly feel that “Everyday Wonderful” is not just a crap shoot. This concept of Everyday Wonderful can be attained by anyone. An old Roswell friend of mine married a truly exceptional woman who just had this revelation in her own life. Please ready this post – it articulates Everyday Wonderful in her own words. Read on!

A Change Is Gonna Come

You’ll never do anything…until you just do it.

My desire is to live with the passion and desire to see this world change. How ever will it change until I change?

It’s not enough to be a dreamer, a thinker, a writer, or a visionary. I’m doing something different today. Even if it’s just one thing today.

Impacting People

My life was impacted this week from the most unsuspecting source – a touring musician, riding his bike across the country to meet people and to spend time in the communities that he’s playing in. He set aside a considerable amount of time to hang out with Mark, June Jett and I during this busy schedule of riding and playing. The fact that he plays some of the most amazing music I’ve ever heard is secondary to the friendship we created this week.

I spend so much time preparing for church to impact others…

I spend so much time organizing events to impact others…

I spend so much time worrying that I’m not impacting others…

Maybe, I just need to spend more time with people…

Seeking the Uncomfortable

In the past 2 months, Mark and I have been flooded with ministry opportunities. Ministry in the way of actually impacting people’s lives.

Here’s the thing about impacting people’s lives though – in EVERY single instance, we had to be willing to be put in the most uncomfortable situations.

Having addicts in our home, standing around a hospital bed, one-on-one prayer counseling, hanging out with the homeless, and visiting the county jail are not typically high priority on our to-do lists. However, we have seen the most radical transformations, healings and victories in each situation.

Maybe it’s time we seek the uncomfortable…