Don’t Forget to Remember

I spent some time reading through old blog posts from 2008 – when my blog was really on fire. I found some incredible inspiration in these blog posts which were seemingly lost in the interwebs.

As I recount my life and the revelations God showed me during that time, I am encouraged and inspired. I am surprised that I was so witty and my writing was so good. Not to toot my own horn, but because I’ve been feeling lousy about my writing skills and my ability to communicate. It’s so refreshing to read these old posts and believe in myself again.

thanks me. your welcome you.

The Danger of Networking

The word “networking” has become a dangerous cover up for me. The idea of networking isn’t dangerous by itself. In fact, many people have benefited from connecting with others. However, networking has ignited a desire to use people for what they can give me and what they can do for me. I hide behind the term in order to create superficial relationships with people so I can promote selfish motives. My initial thoughts when meeting someone has turned to, “What can they do for me?” I find myself only connecting with those who can further my agenda.

Instead of thinking how I can have a genuine relationship with people, my thoughts are filled with self promoting fantasies. I desire to see my name in lights.

I pray I see people as souls, not objects. I pray for deep relationships, not superficial acquaintances. I pray for a heart that genuinely loves people, not notoriety.

What do you pray for?

Art and Soul

In our pursuits for Christ and deep study of theology, we run the risk of becoming serious, legalistic, religious, conservative, dry and judgmental.

One very potent guard against this risk is basking in the beauty of art – music, poetry, animation, and everything made to express an emotion or idea. Don’t forget how to FEEL while searching for Christ. Don’t forget to desire, dream, love, sing, dance, spin, scream and cry. It’s a good thing to be moved and inspired.

Thank you Arcade Fire and Pixar for reminding me of this.

What inspires you?