Sweaty Sundays

Every Sunday, I take much care and time to get myself ready for church. I pick out my clothes the night before, I wash – dry – and style my hair, I put on clinical stregth deodorant, and I meticulously do my makeup.

Mark and I always have to be at the church before 8 am so I consider it a great sacrifice to get myself primped up for church.

Every Sunday, without fail, I worship so hard during practice that I sweat. Not just a little bit, but I sweat to the point of my makeup running, my hair soaking and my armpits staining. It’s quite unattractive and uncomfortable for me. Then, when it’s time for service, I feel like a damp, smelly puppy-dog.

Every Sunday, I think of a quote from my pastor from Roswell, NM – Pastor Jon Ogle:

You should come to church looking like heaven and leave looking like hell

Meaning – WORSHIP YOUR FACE OFF. Worship from your gut. Your outer appearance means nothing to God (even on stage). Let the tears pour and the sweat drip from your brow.

All Shook Up

Last night, Mark and I came home after band practice and we had a dream session.

Do you ever do that? We talked about the things we are excited about in our church, our lives and our future. We got all pumped up – it was 9 pm at night and we were jumping up and down and talking as fast as we could.

I love these moments. These are defining moments. Sections of time where you have so much clarity and so much direction. I wish I had a recording of last night to replay when I’m feeling down, depressed or lost.

Here’s a few things stirring in our hearts right now:

  1. Our church is amazing
  2. The volunteers at our church are even more amazing. Guys like Sean and Josh are writing music, leading worship, faithfully (and joyfully) serving – and not getting paid a dime to do it! AWESOME!!!
  3. The music at our church is transformational and needs to be heard worldwide
  4. We can step up RIGHT NOW and be every change that we wish to see in our lives, church, and world!

That’s just a peek and I’m sure you’ll keep hearing about what’s going on and what God is stirring in us.

Are you pumped up about what God is doing?

Financially Stable

All of the cars in the ProLogis parking lot are new and nice. We are a growing, thriving, and global company (one of the few in the world) and it shows.

I’m so blessed to work here. It’s so good to see the people of this company flourishing. I want the same for the people at my church. I want them to be blessed financially and I want them all to be able to flourish.  Can a church be growing, thriving, and global too????

Jesus talked about money and possesions all of the time and yet so many people squirm in church when finances or money is talked about. The CEO of my company, Jeff Schwartz, was quoted as saying:

We are striving to build a truly sustainable enterprise, one that delivers enduring value.

Now, that’s what I call a mission statement.

Have I been working at corporate too long??

Good-Bye Vegas, Hello Denver

Mark and I had a lovely time in Vegas celebrating our 5-year anniversary.

Here are some thoughts from Vegas:

  1. Taxi drivers can save your life and tell you everything you need to know about Vegas (a whole other blog post)
  2. Vegas is only fun if you have alot of money to spend.
  3. It’s hotter than Hades, but you don’t burn – WEIRD!
  4. There are CHILDREN EVERYWHERE in Vegas – WHY!?!?!?
  5. One Vegas block = One mile
  6. Do not walk on the sidewalk in Vegas in June at 3 pm in the afternoon.
  7. Don’t expect anything.
  8. You have to look for trouble to find it.
  9. Don’t eat at the buffet at the Wynn.
  10. Always buy the $1 bottled water from the lady selling it from a cooler on the street – that’s the cheapest item you will buy in Vegas and it can save your life.

Are you going on vacation this summer!?!?!

Mark and Judi in Vegas

We are lame…but that’s OK

How do I know that Mark and I are ready to be parents???

We are researching earlier flights home from Vegas because we really miss our cats (and Bella-Free) – I think that’s a sign that we are ready to leave a life of cheap thrills for a life filled with beautiful memories at home with a family.

Can’t wait to see you all in moderate temperatures in Denver.

Ask and You Shall Receive

This morning, after reading in 1 John 1:8 that says,

“if we claim to be without sin, we are deceived and the truth is not in us”

I asked God “What sin is possibly in my life right now???? What am I not seeing that is deceiving me???

Well, not even 30 minutes later he revealed to me that my finances are not in such great shape and I am not financially devoted and stable as God would like me to be. My discipline SUCKS when it comes to finances.

Of course, He reveals this right before my big trip to VEGAS where I plan on blowing every last dime in my bank account on buffets, clothes, and Cirque de Soleil shows. WHY, GOD, WHY?!????!? Why do you have to tell me this now….oh yeah, because I asked….

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! The word of God is true and just. If you ask God with a heart to listen, he will tell you the truth – be ready for it!

What are you asking God to tell you? Is your heart ready for the answer???