What You Do Proves What You Believe

I heard this statement today while listening to this speech. I thought I was just going to listen to a speech about leadership – instead, I was challenged on what I BELIEVE. I guess that’s what good leaders do though. They challenge us and inspire us to believe…not to plan, but to believe.

As I was reflecting I tried to write down 100 things that I believe. I made it to number 31 before going blank. Even now, I stumble over ideas that my parents taught me or things I’ve heard in church – but when I look at my actions I have to second-guess some of my “beliefs”. For instance, I might have said “I believe the world is a beautiful place that we should protect”. However, my actions in no way support that “belief”.

How many beliefs do you have that need to be challenged or reflected by examining your actions. Go ahead – try to write down 100 things you believe. It’s harder than you think!