Pickle Juice Sno-Cones

I’ve been writing about alot of deep things that “plague” me, so I wanted to lighten things up around here with a simple question:

What GROSS/CRAZY/WEIRD food did you eat as a child,
but you thought it was totally normal at the time??!?!?!

My friends and I have been discussing this for some time. It’s so hilarious to hear what some people ate as children – our parents were so cruel!

When I was a child…we ate pickle juice sno-cones – and I still think they are delicious!

Pickle Juice Sno-Cone

21 thoughts on “Pickle Juice Sno-Cones

  1. my dearest judi, i’m so determined to sample your pickle juice sno cone!!! we must find a way to make them this summer!

    • pickle juice snow cones are made out of regular pickle juice not a syrup…if u add a little bit of salt or beer salt makes it better….ate them when i was little…snow cone stand sold them…frozen pickles are great too

  2. i can’t remember anything i ate. i was really finicky. i thought chicken fried steak was a little too out of the box. but i will tell on paul. he grew up eating these egg sandwiches on toasted bread. on one side of the sandwich was mayo and mustard, the other side… butter and jelly. in the middle was a scrambled egg. i tried a bite once and i will NEVER eat it again.

  3. Pickle juice sno-cone? Whoa! That’s crazy! Lol.

    I can’t think of anything… oh… well… we didn’t think it was normal but my aunt was pretty young and we used to go buy cookie dough (before it was cool) and it eat raw and we ate baby food (just the fruit. How cool is banana sauce?). They made great movie snacks!

  4. pickles and goldfish crackers… I would take a bite of pickle and then throw in a few goldfish crackers and mix them all together…. crazy enough I still like it!

  5. why is it that all the things we ate as kids are so dang disgusting? That is except for Peanut-butter and cheese sandwiches. Those are forever delicious.

  6. Pickle juice snow cones??? That’s crazy… but I love pickles and used to love drinking the juice when I was a kid, so probably pretty similar, huh?

    It’s a wonder our arteries have not dried up!!

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  8. well I sit here…and I can vouch’ for you THEY ARE THE BOMB! ..im from South Texas and down there they do “Picadilly” Snow Cones. WHich is basically the Shaved Ice,in a cup topped w/ diced pickle, they you sprinkle “Koolaid Powder on top”..and they do cherry or Grape and then they pour the snowcone flavor which is the same..Cherry or Grape! I learned to make them at home and IM soo addicted!

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  10. I ate Piccadilly snow cones. Red koolaid pickles cut up in small slices chilly powder. Just the best!! Mr. G snow cones. Tx

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