Where Do You Go?

I’m having a bad day; a terrible day in fact.

One of those days where nothing goes right and I feel so defeated. I know I have to lead worship tonight so I took a time out and regrouped. There’s a sweet little lake by our office where I can go on days like this to piece it all back together. Here’s some quick shots from my phone (I don’t know why my nose looks so big…this day has GOT to end!):

Judi at the lake

little dirty lake

Where do you go to regroup, relax, think, stay sane?!?!?!


To Tell the World About It

I love finding inspriation in the most unlikely places. I was listening to an audio recording of my company’s President & COO – Walt Rakowich. I am so honored to work for this man. He has a heart of gold and he cherishes the people that work for him. He is helping so many in the world through our company.

In a presentation he was making regarding the ProLogis sustainability commitment, he said the following which hit me like a ton of bricks:

It’s one thing for us all (meaning internally) to talk about it; it’s another thing to tell the world about it.

This made me think of how we all blog and talk in our church circles about the great things we are doing, but it’s something else entirely to tell the world about it. Walt makes the comment that when you tell the world what you are doing and what your goals are, then it’s like having a gun to your head – they will hold you to it!

Let’s tell the world about Jesus and hope they hold a gun to our heads to live according to His love.

Rush the Stage

Something awesome happened yesterday at church. We had some good worship time – as usual, but we were having some timing and flow issues. Just when we think our time is up and we should leave the stage, our head pastor rushed the stage and encouraged the people.

I’m not sure what he said because his mic wasn’t in our monitor, but before I knew it, the entire church was rushing the stage. They were crying out to God and kneeling at the altar. We went back into our last song and the people were worshipping so passionately.

what a beautiful moment. what a beautiful sight. what a comforting thought that the people are hungry.

If anyone was there, can you tell me what Pastor Reece said???


It’s Friday! Mark, Jonas & Jared are on their way to Chicago. I’m leaving work early. It’s going to be a pretty good day.

Since it’s Friday and I fully plan on hitting happy hour at Sonic with Tiffy, I thought I’d ask all of you:

What’s your signature Sonic drink??
Sonic Drinks

Mine is Large Unsweetened Ice Tea with Extra Ice and Extra Lemon – I can’t wait!

Creative Chaos #3 (3 for me…8 for Ragamuffin)

Creative Chaos

Curt & Shelly Waltrip… They are some awesome people who show so much of God’s love – to EVERYONE!

Curt is the drummer at our church & he builds custom drums, Joyful Noise Drum Company, and has been featured in Classic Drummer, Modern Drummer & Drum Magazine. Celebrities and even the Royal Opera House Orchestra use his drums. What’s even more awesome is that Curt & Shelly give a portion of all of their proceeds to World Child – a Christian Child Relief organization created by our church.

This is my creative chaos post because I do some design work for Curt & Shelly and they are a great inspiration to me of what it means to be a “giving person”:

Recent ad:

TKO Ad for Joyful Noise

Tradeshow Tri-Fold Brochure:



Picture (I didn’t take this picture, but look how pretty this drum is!):

Scrolled Elite



I love technology. I really, really do. But I hate when people wear their bluetooth headsets all day long. I really don’t care how important you are…a bluetooth headset is NOT a statement of importance.

In the car = OK
In the airport = OK

In a restaurant = Not OK
In the bathroom = Not OK

I have had so many awkward moments where I think someone is talking to me (or talking to themselves) and then they point to their ear as they keep talking. Not just talking about business, but their Mom’s rash and their dog’s bathroom behavior – come on people! They talk LOUDER with the headset too.

No matter how technologically advanced we get, these bluetooth headset issues will remain the same. We will have flying cars and people will still think you are talking to yourself!

Bluetooth Loser

Spoiled Church

As a continuation of Mark’s post, we had an awesome worship class yesterday with Pastor Aaron.

He talked to us about some of the amazingly produced worship CDs and services coming through America. There was a twist though…he was talking about how this can hurt worshippers because the church has an expectation to hear and see a perfectly produced Sunday morning. Our humble church cannot pull off a million dollar production like Joel Osteen, but our congregation expects to see it because it’s what’s on TV and it represents what a modern church should be.

We can’t let the strive for excellence make “producers” out of us instead of worshippers out of us. We cannot be so focused on the performance that we lose the heart. GOD FORBID the lights weren’t just right to set the atmosphere of worship. Shouldn’t our hearts set the atmosphere of worship???

Not to say the production and strive for excellence isn’t good, but we must be careful to not let it get in the way of true worship.

God may have moved in worship on Sunday, but I missed it because I was frustrated that the monitor wasn’t sounding right….At what point are we just putting on a concert??

Lights…camera…rock show:

huge concert