The rest of my life

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the rest of my life. Maybe it’s because I have a daughter, maybe I’m getting older, or maybe I’m becoming more mature.

However, I think this type of forward thinking is beneficial. My knees hurt because I’m out of shape at the age of 25 – so I think, “how will they feel at 40?” I struggle with my weight after just one child – how will I manage with two or three? We live paycheck to paycheck, and I wonder will we ever have a real savings account.

This type of thinking makes me want to change my life. Make it better now so my daughter can have the very best of me.

How do you feel when you think about the future?

The Thing About Blogs

Here’s the thing about blogs…you write it in hopes that someone will read it.

Only…when a certain someone tells you they have read your blog (which is what you want, right?), you immediately take a mental inventory of what’s on your blog to ensure there’s nothing too damaging or revealing on your blog.

Then, inevitably, the next blog post you write is tainted because you are trying to write for your readers and not for yourself.

This is why twitter wins sometimes.

A Contest To Win…

Do you ever notice that every magazine, every commercial, and every piece of mail has the claim for free giveaways. In all my life, I’ve never registered to win, and I’ve never heard of someone in my life who’s won something.

SO – I’m conducting an experiment. I will register to win for every opportunity I see to win a prize for a YEAR. It’s going to take a lot of time and dedication – but gosh darn it…I’M GOING TO WIN SOME STUFF!!!!

The Real Thing

I never truly understood the fullness of God’s love.


I had the love of my life – my daughter.

His love yearns for me
His love protects me
His love wants the best for me
His love wants me to accomplish great things
His love never fails

Now I know