A Thousand Steps Toward Glory

In one instant, the blood of Jesus can redeem a person. In one moment, a life can be radically transformed. There’s nothing you can do to earn it, buy it, or be worthy of it. It’s beautiful. It’s grace. It’s the good news of the Gospel.

However, our moment of redemption often finds us in the depths of despair, grief and destruction. Mine did. I asked myself, how did I get here? So far from truth? So far from Jesus? The answer was in the thousand little steps I took away from Jesus. The small and mundane moments where I didn’t glorify Jesus in my decisions… My actions… My words. Moments that seemed so insignificant at the time but steered my life so off course until I careened in a ditch in desperate need of a lifeline.

These steps accumulated over years…gathering distance between me and hope.

And now, here I am. Redeemed. Loved. Set free. The love of Jesus washed over me like a thunderous tsunami wave. Breaking loose the shackles that so easily ensnare.

But now what? How do I live out the hope of glory? How do I honor the grace that flows so freely from Jesus? How do I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me?

One simple little phrase has led me closer to answering that question…which I will share tomorrow.


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