Thriller – MJ I love you

Something you didn’t know about me: I used to be obsessed with Michael Jackson. I’m talking about real obsession. I wrote letters to him at Neverland Ranch EVERYDAY and skated to the nearest mail box to mail it – EVERYDAY (this was before Neverland was a known “hotbed” for bad behavior with little boys). I was bummed when the MJ took a turn for the “strange and unacceptable”. I was really pulling for him and Lisa Marie.

I know the words to most of the songs and every Halloween I still love to watch Thriller – the best music video of all time.

Oh MJ – now everyday is Halloween for you. Your face is your mask and your antics your costume. We will never be able to delight in your superior dance move, moon walk, spin/kick, glittery glove, jerry curled music ever again. At least we still have Thriller…

True Story

Most of my friends have already heard this story, so bear with me!

My parents accepted Jesus as their savior during the 70’s when the “Jesus Movement” was in full swing. They were (and still are) radical about Jesus, preaching, soul winning on the streets..and in the clubs, and the bible.

The CRAMMED everything they could and had bible studies nightly with a group of friends who were just as radical as they were. These were young Christians who took the bible as the literal written Word of God.

One day, my mom & dad got a very disturbing phone call…one of their bible study attendees was at the hospital with an EYE PLUCKED OUT!!!!

My mom and dad rushed to the hospital to pray and comfort their friend. Then, they got the full story about what happened…

As it turns out, their friend was envious of a neighbor’s life. Jealous of her husband, her car, her home, and her job. She couldn’t stop looking at her neighbor through the window and wishing it was her own life. She was so obsessed that she went to scripture for the answer. What she read was, “if your eye offends you, pluck it out.” Matthew 18:9. AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID!!!!

Rare Form

I’ve been in rare form this week. Noticibly edgy…facetious …cutting…and as one co-worker described “SASSY”.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I don’t feel like being sweet to people. When something witty (or cutting) comes to mind, I just blurt it out. I just don’t feel like my “Happy-go-lucky” self!

Sorry if I have said anything to hurt or offend  you in the past week. I just need to get into the Word and humble myself I guess…

Here are some questions I’m pondering this week:

  1. Do I just need an attitude adjustment or is this just my real personality?
  2. Can “SASSY” ever be a good thing?
  3. If everyone is rubbing me the wrong way…am I the one who needs to turn around?
Me vs. Me

Me vs. Me

Notes from my Weekend

  1. I don’t like shopping at newly opened stores – they don’t have sale racks yet. Target without sale racks = SUCKS
  2. I filled up my gas tank for $35 instead of $50 – it was great
  3. I really hate to be alone. I was alone all day Saturday and almost lost my mind. I filled the empty space with shopping with strangers – probably not the best option (but I did get a new pair of amazing boots).
  4. Every store I shopped at this weekend was crowded and busy – are we sure we are in an ecomonic crisis?
  5. Mark and I like sushi now – we must be growing up
  6. More than anything in the ENTIRE world, I love to spend time with my husband
  7. I cut my hair to look “futuristic” for a friend’s birthday party. It was the bomb – and now I have bangs.
  8. If you have a choice between Cottonelle  & Cottonelle ULTRA for the exact same price…why wouldn’t you always get ULTRA?

How was your weekend?

Cottonelle vs. Cottonelle Ultra - No contest

Cottonelle vs. Cottonelle Ultra - No contest


Tokyo Joes - Sushi, Rice Bowls, Hot Husband & New Bangs

Tokyo Joes - Sushi, Rice Bowls, Hot Husband & New Bangs

Notice the iphone and blackberry, new bangs and sushi!

Notice the iphone and blackberry, new bangs and sushi!


We know how to have fun!

We know how to have fun!

I Wish I Could…

  • sing like an angel
  • relate better to my friends when they are going through hard times
  • be more knowledgeable about Scripture
  • listen better – much better (sorry Mark for the constant interruptions)
  • win $1,000,000 playing McDonald’s Monopoly
  • start my own business
  • lose 15 lbs.

The funny thing about this list is that only one of these things requires luck…the rest, I just need to work at. I can do it. I know I can. SUCCESS IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO EFFORT. Luck is for losers (even though I did win a $50 gas card) – and the rest is in our hands to work hard and become everything we ever dreamed of.

McDonald’s Monopoly

UPDATE: I won a $50 gas card this morning!

I’m offically playing McDonald’s monopoly! I’m on a roll and I’m so close to winning, I can taste it (literally). I forgot how good the fries are and how the quarter pounder fits perfectly in my hand. Oh pure joy! I have been sucked in and it feels good.

If you would like to help me play, give me your tokens!!!! Here’s to sweet victory…

Monopoly MADNESS!

Monopoly MADNESS!

In the Waiting & Wanting

If you can’t tell already, I have the fever….BABY FEVER!

I watched “Baby Mama” last night…the comedy with Tina Fey…and cried. I was supposed to laugh, but I cried. I’m tired of crying every time I see a baby. Tina Fey said it perfectly, “It’s like every baby I see is staring at me”. I can’t help but get lost in emotion and desire every time I see a precious little face.

Here’s how I’ve decided to cope with this:

  1. Stay away from Malls (they are swarming with new babies)
  2. Don’t watch TLC – ever
  3. Go out on the town as often as possible – to enjoy my life without kids while I still have it
  4. Do things on a whim – go out for dinner or a movie on the spur of the moment
  5. Exercise in the mornings

These are all really silly, but they help me enjoy life right now and WAIT (be patient) for what I know God has promised me. What practical things can you do while you wait for your promises?