Freedom to Fail. Freedom to Live.

Fear of failure combined with a deep desire to please other people has led to massive destruction throughout my life. After many years of cleaning up my own messes, hiding from my mistakes and living like a suffocated/anxious/neurotic/obsessive person, it was this one truth that truly set me free. All of the approval and EVERYTHING I’ll ever need was already given to me the day Jesus approved of me by dying on the cross. Every drop of blood shouts his adoring love and approval for me. So…what does this mean for my life in light of the cross and His great love? I don’t need to be recognized. Because he sees me and has given me recognition. I don’t need to be first. Because the last shall be first.  I don’t need to be the best. Because my best is still filthy rags. I don’t need to be right. Because my righteousness was laid on my head as a crown. I don’t need to be rewarded. Because my reward is in heaven.  I don’t need to be perfect. Because he was perfect and has perfect love for me.  I don’t need to have status. Because I am a daughter of the King.  I don’t have to win. Because Jesus has already won. 

Which means…I’m FREE!!!

Free to loScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.43.21 PMve loudly, preach boldly, sacrifice greatly, pursue wholeheartedly, worship wildly, give radically, trust deeply, live humbly, wait peacefully, believe fearlessly, pray powerfully, and live more abundantly. Preach the Gospel to yourself daily. Don’t ever move beyond it. The transformational truth of God’s grace and the sacrifice of Jesus will strengthen and free you…everyday. It truly is Everyday Wonderful.