Patent Leather Lollipop

Someone blessed me beyond belief yesterday by giving me an amazing purse. This purse came with it’s own dust/storage bag. I’ve never bought anything with it’s own dust bag! AMAZING! (did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE purses?)

Just when I thought my week couldn’t get worse. Just when I thought I was hung out to dry. Just when I thought about giving up…GOD TOTALLY REELED ME BACK IN…with a purse!

I’m not glorifying material things, but it was like I was a fussy little child and God was giving me a lollipop to pacify me because He loves me. Only…this lollipop is patent leather with suede lining – OH YEAH BABY!

My New Purse

My New Purse


Hey, it’s OK…

  • to want to each lunch at 10:30 am (that’s why the menu at BK switches over then…)
  • to not give money to every school fundraiser that people at work bring for their kids
  • to let the laundry sit in the dryer for a day even if it means all of my clothes will be wrinkled
  • to not like every worship song – yes, it’s all for God, but we all have our favorites and least favorites
  • to buy something stupid just because it’s by the cash register
  • to not like every song my husband likes- sorry babe
  • to want to watch The Dark Knight again even though I already saw it twice
  • to be nervous about my parents moving to town even though I know it will be great, i’m still nervous
  • to get used to drinking diet coke
  • to fight for what I want
  • to speak up
  • to be honest

Now you…

Looking at Circumstances

I’m stressed out. Work is still sketchy. My parents move to town on Thursday and no one can help them move in until Friday. I’m sleepy and hungry. THESE ARE MY CIRCUMSTANCES….

Yesterday, someone at church (sorry, I don’t remember who cause my eyes were closed) said, “Don’t look at your circumstances, look at God’s promises.”

I didn’t really understand this statement until I started complaining on my blog and I realized that I was so focused on my problems that I can’t even write a decent blog post.

Here are God’s promises to me: God has given me power, love and a sound mind. God is my provider. All things work together for good for those who love Him.

What circumstances are standing in the way of your promises???

Get Your Hopes Up

I’m tired of not fully believing. I’m tired of saying, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.”

Every time I take a pregnancy test, I brace myself for disappointment. I don’t want to get my hopes up because it hurts when it shows up negative…and I’m crying as I type this. 

Saying those words is not living in total faith. I know I am called to have great faith. I believe it. I’m getting my hopes up today. I refuse to worry about being let down. Yes, I will guard my heart, but God requires our complete trust, our complete faith, our complete hope.

Whatever you are believing for….GET YOUR HOPES UP!!!

“Free” is not my last name…

I got the following comment yesterday:

Just for the heckofit I googled my name and was so suprised to find your blog. I thought my name was unusual enough that there wouldn’t be someone else with the exact same one…I guess we’re not as unique as we think!

For the record…my last name isn’t “FREE”. I wish it was, but it’s not. My name is Judith Thomas. I’m married to the amazing Mark Thomas. JudiFree is a nickname I’ve had for about 7 years (it’s my favorite nickname…it really beats “BIG BOOTY JUDI” which was my childhood nickname)

Did anyone else think my last name is Free?? What’s your nickname??

Write…don’t call

If you want to get a hold of me then email it, blog it, text it, facebook it – but DON’T call me! My phone is always on vibrate. I never answer my phone (just ask Mark).

Is this bad for building relationships?? NO, NO, NO!!! We actually invited a couple to church over facebook last week! They came, we ate lunch, they got excited about ORCC and now they are offically connected – and it all started online. Oh yeah…the best part of this story is that the couple is in their 50s!!!

I keep up with my friends all week long by reading their blogs. I text my husband sweet nothings in the middle of a meeting. We get people coming to church over facebook.

When I do finally see these people face-to-face, I am sure that I pay attention to them and it becomes an authentic connection in person (you can’t leave that part out).

Yes, I love technology!

100 Blog Posts!

Today is a milestone for me.

Today, I realize that blogging for only a couple of months has already helped me develop character, determination, endurance, faithfullness, vulnerability, dedication and trust.

This is my 100th blog post. I have never written in a journal consistenly, and I really thought that this blog would fade away after a week or two – I have always considered myself a strong starter, but I lack endurance.

Fortunately, I met a community of people who have become so influential and special in my life, that blogging is just like being a part of a really strange and disfunctional long-distance family (I love you all!)

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. You make me feel loved, liked, and some of you make me laugh really hard.

Here’s to the next 100!