I’m Loved. Redeemed. Set Free. Now what?

After years of taking small steps away from Jesus, I now find myself in His presence. Broken but cleansed. Callused but chosen. Sinful but forgiven. I can see his face so clearly.

But how do I make sure I never look away? How can I make sure I don’t slowly drift off course again? How do my steps stay pointed toward Jesus, to Glory, to Hope? I started to ask the Holy Spirit to show me how to practically live for Jesus and stay close to Him everyday. Keep my eyes on His face. Remain steadfast in my pursuit. Reveal any other areas of my heart that need to be surrendered to Christ. These are faith building prayers because the Holy Spirit ALWAYS answers these prayers.

And He did answer. I heard a whisper in my heart say, “DOES THIS GLORIFY JESUS?”. I immediately knew that this is the question that I’m to ask myself in the everyday and mundane actions, words, and decisions that steered me off course in the first place. For me, this was a big ask. You see, I created a life where cutting corners, shortcuts and self-sufficiency reigned supreme in order to glorify JUDI. I speed read, I talk fast, I put my needs above others, I have to be first, be best, be awesome and I am willing to do anything to show that I can work faster, harder, better than anyone else. Sounds like someone you really want to enjoy a cup of coffee with…right?

Jesus was calling me to humble myself and rebuild faithfulness in the smallest of tasks in order to glorify Him. I started asking myself “Does this Glorify Jesus” before every little daily task – putting the cart away at the grocery store, replacing the empty water jug at work, going the speed limit…silly, silly, small and petty things.

Hear me when I say – these things, these actions don’t make me any more lovable or unlovable, righteous or unrighteous in Jesus’ eyes. His work to redeem me was made complete on the cross. So, why? Why does it matter if I don’t put my cart away at the grocery store? Because there are no shortcuts to gain wisdom. You can’t cut corners to Glory. And there is no Hope found in self sufficiency. These silly little things take time, they put others first, and they obey the rules – all areas I had compromised in my pursuit of self glorification and it was high time to crush that sin.

So, as I trudged through the parking lot with a heavy purse, even heavier car seat, and screaming baby to return the cart, the sinful chains on my heart started to loosen. And now, this simple question has started to transform larger areas of my life as I journey down this road toward Glory. Areas such as holding my tongue when I have juicy gossip, taking the time to reach out to the friend I know is hurting when I would rather veg out or work on yet another power point, extending grace to someone who’s offended me when I’d rather stew and build a case against them. Areas that I struggled with so much in the past.

And then, the transformation continues to grow the more I ask the simple question – boldly sharing the Gospel when it feels uncomfortable, standing up for Truth no matter the cost, sacrificing material comfort in order to give generously.

This is sanctification. This is Jesus faithfully completing the work He began. This is walking with Jesus. This is the free, passionate, bold, radical, faithful life – the life more abundant – that we are promised. These are the thousand steps toward Glory. 

This week, as you tackle the everyday demands of your life, I challenge you to ask yourself as often as possible, “Does this glorify Jesus?”. I promise, you will make wiser decisions, have more peace and joy, and crush sin in your life. 


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