The Blood. The Bold. The Beautiful.

God did incredible things at Castle Pines Community Church yesterday. We set up a huge event tent in a busy parking lot last Thursday in anticipation for a very special Sunday morning service. For 3 days it sat empty. For 3 days it seemed impossible for God to fill it. For 3 days our community gawked at our tent with confusion. For 3 days God asked us to trust Him to do what only he can do.

And so we did. We got our hopes up.

We invited, set up, paid out, prayed up, showed up, prepared, practiced, and got in our places. And at 10:30 am, people from all over Colorado came to the tent. Faces of families I had never seen. Young and old. Urban and rural. It was truly beautiful. Our volunteers in their bright green shirts, waited in the parking lot to greet them at their cars and lovingly lead them to the tent. And although the tent was full, there was still a miracle we were waiting for. For the gospel message to transform lives. For the blood of Jesus to wash away sins.

Our guest speaker, Scott Camp, boldly and graphically recounted the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. He passionately told us his own personal testimony of meeting Jesus in a jail cell after years of drugs, alcohol abuse and a broken home.

The Gospel message went forth and the Holy Spirit began to transform hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. You could see people shifting in their seats. You could hear the sniffling. You could FEEL the Holy Spirit gently revealing the truth of Christ’s love to so many broken hearted.

And then the miracle came. The moment we had prayed for, hoped for, and prepared for – people from all over the tent made their way to the front to receive Christ as their savior. And when we thought everyone had come up, even more came forward. I had the honor of being on stage for this moment as we prepared to sing worship at the end of service. I could see the tears, the hope, the peace, the genuine transformation on their precious faces. Some faces were familiar and some unknown, but all precious.

This is the altar I build to remember what Christ did yesterday. I pray for more faith to believe that God can do this every week. I pray for a boldness in my own heart to share the Gospel daily. I pray for revival in Douglas County where money and possessions so easily satisfy but rob and bankrupt souls of true joy and peace.

And now we celebrate the new beginnings of these precious lives. And do the beautiful work of discipleship. And live life with new believers, our new brothers and sisters.

It was worth the cost. It was worth the prayer. It was worth the time. It was worth the energy. It was worth the sacrifice. It was worth the preparation. It was worth the practice. It was worth it. It is always worth it. And so we will do it again on Thursdays. We will do it again on Sundays. Never tiring of the good work. Never growing weary.

Romans 5:5 – …our hope will not be put to shame.

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