Deny thyself…take up your diaper bag

The past couple of months have been so fun, busy and new. My interests are changing everyday – I’m literally evolving into a new creature – A MOMMY…

This transformation is bringing a new “denial of self” that the new testament talks about so often. No longer am I making decisions based on my selfish desires (well…sometimes I do), but now, each decision is made in light of the tiny life inside of me. What to eat, when to sleep, what to spend (or not spend) money on…

If I can change my behaviors and lay down my own desires for this child I don’t even really know yet, how much more should I abandon my fleshly desires in light of the SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE that lives inside of me?

I wonder what else this little child will teach me about my savior, my salvation, and my calling.

Adventures in Pregnancy – 1

A thousand new thoughts go through my head every day (I’m conviced this is the reason why I forget so much “regular” stuff). Thoughts like: how can I get up as little as possible today? Wow, my wedding ring feels tighter! Whoa…look at my ankles! Is that rumbling in my stomach the taco salad or little June kicking around?

Every part of me wants to be brave and act like I’m feeling and doing great. The truth is…I’m terrified. What if my baby won’t sleep through the night, what if she has colic, should I use a pacifier? It seems everyone has an opinion about these things (a very strong opinion) and there’s so much judgement in motherhood. My friend can’t get the hang of breast feeding and she gets treated like she threw her baby down a well. The pressure is already mounting up!

As I ponder these things, I will continue to waddle around, put my feet up, and eat popsicles…

Inspired by Greatness

I had the very rare opportunity to sit in a room with 150 brilliant CEOs – incredibly accomplished individuals to say the least. They had all gathered to hear the CEO of my company give a presentation about “The Politics of International Business”…sounds so boring…right? What they got instead was a sincere message from an incredible man about his family, faith and business.

He spoke about the explosive growth our company experienced in the past 10 years, and he also detailed the anguish of watching the company stock go from $70 to $2 within 6 weeks. I was completely captivated by his personal story and journey of the past six months. Above all, I was completely shocked and inspiried with his transparency about his faith. He didn’t hold back in this very initimidating room. He let everyone know that “with God, all things are possible” and when he was asked how he managed his way through it all, he simply said, “I have to be honest…I pray alot. And through prayer, I gain the wisdom and strengh I need to do my job.”

He described his job as CEO of a Fortune 500 company as a ministry.

Maybe you’ll never be in “full time church ministry”, but you can inspire and change people right where you are. My CEO changed my life…and he’s not even a pastor.