I’m not Democrat or Republican. I’m a dreamer.

If I were running for President this would be my platform. Would you vote for me?

I will aggressively raise money for my candidacy. I will ask every citizen, every company, every cause to give money to my candidacy. Not to run ads. Not to persuade you to make a decision that only your heart and mind can make.  In fact, I will not run one ad or spend money on self-promotion – so write this down because you won’t find this message interrupting your regularly scheduled programming.

I believe in America. I believe in Americans.

I believe that people, given the chance will take care of each other. We don’t need a faceless government that’s more interested in the PR opportunity more than taking care of it’s citizens. I’m from Colorado. I know what it’s like to be faced with tragedy – from wildfires to shootings. When it matters most, people help their neighbors. People raised money to cover personal medical expenses for victims, rebuilt neighborhoods, and comforted those who lost it all. I believe that the people of America have a voice and it’s the job of the government to hear the voice of the people and act on what they hear. How do we hear your voice if we as politicians are constantly talking louder than you? The role of the government is to protect and aid the people of it’s country. This has been grossly mismanaged and it’s destroying our country.

I believe in the future of America. I believe that we MUST act now to ensure that every child has a proper education. How do we do this? Simple: freedom of school choice. If you live in a poor neighborhood, you should not be sentenced to an education that is sub-par. Equal rights to education is essential to the future and success of our country. I will give every single dime of the money we raise for my “campaign” to build charter schools in the poorest neighborhoods in our country – where teachers are held accountable and students are the priority. The NEA was the biggest financial contributor to the election campaigns in 2008 – over $45 million. Listen to me, Teacher Unions, I don’t want your money. I don’t need your money – you will not control our country and continue to sacrifice our children for the security of jobs for poorly performing teachers. Great teachers will thrive and be paid more than they ever have been. Teachers who mistreat children will not be tolerated.  My parents were teachers. I saw them work tirelessly with little pay while other teachers put their class on auto-pilot with no consequences. I will not throw away our children for one vote or one dollar.

I believe that big businesses listen to their consumers. Big business isn’t the enemy. WE as consumers control big businesses, and we can use their money to make America great. We have to use our voices as consumers. We have to use our pocket books and behaviors to influence what is good, right and just. If consumers will join together and only purchase consciously made products, then businesses will only make consciously made products. If consumers joined together and only purchased from companies that gave back to their communities then companies would invest in their communities.  I will unleash the power of individual and corporate giving by eliminating most taxes. Are you scared the government won’t have any money? Surprise…the government doesn’t have any money anyway. We won’t need as much money because we will eliminate stupid spending, crush big bureaucracies and empower and foster community led assistance programs through private non-profits.

I believe that America can be a beacon of hope to the whole world. I believe that other countries will be exposed to the beautiful reality of freedom and desire to raise their voices in unison. We are already seeing this happen. Tyranny is unacceptable – for any people. Abuse to women is unacceptable – regardless of your religion. We will stop turning a blind eye to genocide and human atrocities such as human trafficking. We will expose and stand against injustice on a regular basis – no matter how uncomfortable it makes UN meetings.

What is good right and just? Protecting our environment, using our natural resources wisely, supporting local businesses, supporting entrepreneurs, supporting families, protecting the innocent and vulnerable including children, unborn infants, the elderly and the disabled. Standing against human atrocities and fighting for social justice. Trusting that people will spend their money to help their neighbors willfully instead of forcefully taking it from them through taxes. There are many other issues our country faces, but we must start somewhere. The naysayers will stop all progress. BUT WE MUST START SOMEWHERE.

The career politicians and lobbyists can try to drown the voice of the American people with ads and rhetoric but your voice will not be quenched.  Even if you don’t agree with everything I’m saying, I know you agree with this:

  • Presidents should not be bought.
  • Children are a precious resource.
  • The voice of the people should guide our country.
  • We must fight for what is good, right and just.

In the past election, the two candidates raised 1.64 billion dollars for their campaigns. For TV ads, yard signs, campaign headquarters, staffers, countless phone calls, big touring busses, mailings and more and more landfill fotter. This number is disgusting when you think of how this money could be used.

Let’s raise money for a candidacy that will produce an everlasting change in our country. Put your money where your heart is. Put your money in what you believe in. This is the time to take back America from the politicians, from the lobbyists, from those who can afford to talk louder than you. I will drive in my car to as many cities that will have me to give this message. I will pay for my own gas. I will make my own videos to share with you on YouTube. I will visit with the voiceless and give them a voice.  I will show you America – the heartland, Hollywood, the Big apple, and everything that makes this country great – the people.

Use social media. Use any voice you have to share your dream for our country. I’m relying on the power of your voice to spread this message of hope to the ends of the Earth.
You might call me naive or unrealistic. You might think I’m dreaming too big. Isn’t that what dreams are all about?