Me, McCain, and Michael (as in Jackson)

What do we all have in common? Our birthdays are TODAY!  

Here’s to McCain for choosing a female running mate! Here’s to Michael or not being in legal trouble this year! Here’s to me for making it through the DNC without vomiting!

Kate asked me a question after the INVESCO Field fiasco last night: “Did you find yourself being swayed for Obama?”. The answer is a resounding NO!

Now, more than ever, I am energized for McCain, for Republican ideals and for my country. 

Despite the rhetoric, we were happy to witness an historic event last night (and to see Shawn Johnson). Here’s some pics from my week:

Me and Sway - MTV VJ

Me and Sway - MTV VJ

In front of the Pepsi Center

In front of the Pepsi Center


With our hero: DENNIS PRAGER!

In front of INVESCO Field before the Obama Speech

In front of INVESCO Field before the Obama Speech

Shawn Johnson & Jennifer Hudson on Stage

Shawn Johnson & Jennifer Hudson on Stage

Stevie Wonder Performing

Stevie Wonder Performing

Us right before the Obama Speech

Us right before the Obama Speech


Music & Politics

What a week so far and we still have the largest event still coming up: Barak’s speech at Invesco Field at Mile High. We will be watching history as the first African American will be nominated for President of the United States of America…not to mention some AWESOME entertainment in the stadium:

  • Yonder Moutain String Band
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Sheryl Crow
  • And rumored Bruce Springsteen & Bon Jovi (Mark only agreed to go because of Springsteen)

Pictures to come from Mark’s iPhone!

A Child. A Sign. And a Prayer.

I’ve been working at the DNC this week. So far, it’s been pretty hectic, disorganized and really hot in downtown Denver.

I got my first glimpse of “peaceful demonstrations” yesterday. Folks were marching down the street and it looked more like a costume party than a serious demonstration. It was full of outrageous signs about war, Iraq, Bush, and Abu Ghurayb – in essence, everything I expected.

However, there was one large sign that affected me in the most disturbing and horrific way. A sign that I didn’t expect to upset me so much. A sign who’s subject matter I agree with. A sign that if I didn’t see it first hand, I would probably agree with it’s tactics.

But this sign made me sick to my stomach and full of rage. It was a HUGE picture of an aborted baby. It was so horrific that I cannot even post the picture I took of it on here. I teared up. I stopped dead in my tracks. I felt like my heart was bursting in my chest. The priest holding the poster was also shouting over a loud speaker…words that I could not even understand because time and life was standing still.

Now, I cannot get the image out of my head. I’m more mad at the tactic of showing such a horrific picture for such a worthy and beautiful cause. We have to come up with a better way to stand up against abortion. No one – NO ONE – needs to see a dead child on a huge poster. It is not effective. It is just like people who use pictures of dead soldiers to make their case against the war. It is shameful and objectifies the very thing you are fighting for.

How do we stand up against abortion effectively
without using these terrible tactics??

I wish I had…

…an iPhone so I could remotely blog all week during the DNC.

It should be an amazing week for me!! My company has me in Downtown Denver all week long to manage DNC parties and media lounges (I have such a cool job) It will be quiet around here, but I’ll try to upload pictures everynight.

Let the crazy parties begin!!!

He Never Left…

This is how I knew I was going to marry Mark:

It was the day after our first kiss. I was all butterflies, dreams and nerves. It was a sleepless night because we were kissing for hours…until the sun came up to be exact. However, I was just visiting Denver and I had a college interview promptly at 8 am!!!

Since I was just visiting Denver (from Roswell, NM), Mark had to drive me to my college interview at DU. I was not only nervous for my interview, but I was a complete wreck due to the fact that I just kissed this amazing boy and he was sitting next to me in the car. Not sure whether to hold his hand…I just smiled and tried not to look too tired.

Mark got me to the interview in time. I was asked a million questions, talked to a college counselor about schedules and classes and took a tour of the campus. It was a LONG 5-hour ordeal!! Once I was finished I called Mark to come pick me up. This is how I knew he was “THE ONE”:

JudiFree: “Hi…um…do you think you can come back and pick me up at DU?”

Mark: “Hi…um…sure. I’m acutally in the DU parking lot right now.”

JudiFree: “What?!?! Did you just get here? How did you know when I would be done?”

Mark: “I never left…”

HE NEVER LEFT! He dropped me off and waited for me in the car for 5 hours! He wanted to make sure I was OK. He wanted to take care of me. He loved me. He already loved me enough to wait by himself in a car in a parking lot. Not sleeping. Not running errands. Not talking on the phone. Not listening to the radio. Just waiting. For me. I never felt so loved…

Parents & Dr. Appointments

As many of you know, my parents just moved to Denver. It’s been wonderful and stressful all at the same time.

  • My dad made Mark’s whole family green chili stew = wonderful
  • My mom went to a Dr. appointment with me = stressful

All of the sudden, I was a child again with feet dangling off of the front of the physicians table (you know, that REALLY uncomfortable table in the middle of the room with the strip of paper on it that inevitably crinkles loudly every time you shift your body). I was so annoyed that my mom was there. Not that my mom was even being annoying, but I was totally having a control freak moment and instantly became a snotty nosed brat!

I like my independence (I came to Denver by myself to go to college when I was just 16). I like to have the final say. I like my feet to touch the ground when I sit in a chair (I’m only 5’2″ so that doesn’t happen all of the time).

Do your parents ever agitate you for no reason other than making you feel like a child again??

This Is The Sign of My Covenant

When God makes a covenant, he always makes a SIGN of the covenant. A physical SIGN so that the world can see, remember and stand on the promise.

  • He promised not to flood the earth to destroy all life again…his sign of the covenant was a rainbow.
  • He promised Abraham land and many descendants…his sign of the covenant was circumcision.
  • He saved us through Grace…his sign of the covenant is baptism.

I know that God has promised me great things. I have personal covenants with God. I am searching for the sign of our covenants. Physical evidence that I believe that God will deliver His promises…

Instead of waiting for a sign. I am making my own sign to God by committing to join The Challenge. God, this is my sign of our covenant. I commit to read your word. To hide it in my heart. To seek you in the desperate and quiet times. To ferociously pursue knowing you. To proclaim my undying faith and trust in you.

Let all who hear and see know that this is the sign of our covenant.