Purpose over Position

Mark and I have had the pleasure of being worship pastors at our small church plant for the past 3 years, but yesterday, we announced to our church family that we will be leaving.

Leaving where? I don’t know.

What I do know is that God has clearly called us to take a step of faith, and we are answering that call. Since we made the decision, we are seeing the sanctifying hand of God in our lives. More love, more joy, more patience…and more adoration of the Father. We need Him. We need Him to guide us, to speak to us, to hold our hand. We are driven even closer into relation with Him. We lay down the title of “worship pastor” that has been our identity for so long in exchange for a closer look at what our true identity in Christ is. Jesus is showing us that his calling is not wrapped up in position or titles, but in the simple command to make disciples. We can do that from our living room, around the dining table, at work, on the street, sitting on our patio.

Pray for us as we seek God for guidance. Until then, we will make disciples. And after that, we will make disciples. We don’t seek position…we seek purpose.



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