What’s your talk track?

I’ve been spending the majority of the last 3 years running swiftly away from any sort of “name it, claim it” preaching. Even the “power of positivity” stuff is just not what the Gospel preaches to us. However, it’s important to recognize truth and speak it boldly in your life. It’s not about “thinking positive thoughts”, it’s about cutting out the lies and replacing it with truth. The lies trap us in an identity crisis – we really have no self awareness of who we are and how others view us. We need to know who we are and develop a “talk track” in our mind that builds that up.

Here’s my example from work: I am seen as a leader in my company. I have been chosen with 9 of my colleagues to be developed in an “Emerging Leaders” program. I’ve struggled immensely with this new identity. I don’t see myself has some awesome leader. I still see myself as the receptionist or the assistant that keeps her head low and nose to the grind stone. I have a humble position to help others and I don’t want to be arrogant in thinking I’m more than I am. This is a major identity crisis. Here’s where it becomes a problem for me: While I’m trying not to bother others with my “tasks”, they see me as excluding them from the process. This is because my “tasks” have evolved into major strategic initiatives or programs. I didn’t ask for a leadership position but others must see that in me and now I need to see it in myself and own it.

My talk track used to be: “How can I get this done without bothering anyone? I’m just in a support role. I don’t have the experience to be a leader. I don’t want the scrutiny that comes with leadership. I don’t want to have to take responsbility for other people’s failures. This is too hard.”

Now it is: “How can I ask for help to include others? How can I embrace this new responsibility? How can I bring people together for a common goal? How can I empower others to reach their goals? How can I show someone that they matter and that I care? I have the opportunity to change, influence and impact lives! I’m going to make mistakes along the way, but I’m just getting started.”

We especially believe the lies when it comes to our spiritual identity: I’m a loser, I’m a sinner, God is far from me, God is mad at me, I’m being punished for my sins, I’ll never be able to be free from sin.

Instead, we should be staying: I’m an adopted precious child of the King, He has chosen me to glorify himself, Jesus loves me, Jesus’ grace covers all sin and I don’t have to earn it, my good or bad actions do not affect God’s grace, God is good and loving. God is great and powerful. Sin and death have no hold on me.
Does your “talk track” match your real identity? If not, change it…NOW!


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