Lent and a Raid

Last year, my husband asked if I would join him in sacrificing and dedicating ourselves to prayer and devotion during Lent. Being raised in a Pentecostal home, I had never observed Lent, but here my husband was asking me to join him in a new adventure. I, of course, said YES!

Little did we know that those 40 days would become an open door for God to start to change our lives in a way that we had never experienced. We gave up certain foods which wasn’t hard, but the daily devotion and prayer with our family was actually a struggle. We were surprised that we weren’t “better” at doing this.

This past year, God has launched an all out RAID in our lives. I use the word raid because nothing else can describe it. Everything has changed – and I mean everything. From the way we communicate, to the way we pray, to the way we hurt for the lost. Even the way we desire each other and desire the Lord has changed (all for the good I might add). All areas in our life are more passionate and filled with revelation. We recognize that this didn’t happen overnight, but God was whispering to us to draw near to him.

This year, we are observing Lent again and it has taken on a new meaning in the light of the amazing year we have had with the Lord. We have given up TV (which is a gigantic sacrifice for us) and we can already see our hearts changing in less than a week.

God is drawing all men unto himself. Are you prepared to resist him or pursue him? It’s really one or the other.


8 thoughts on “Lent and a Raid

  1. Amazing story. I loved hearing that your husband initiated it. That’s the kind of man that all of us need to be. A man leading his family into an amazing, life changing revelation of God is awesome. I pray that you continue to grow and mature!

    • Hey, he deserves it. Send him over to my blog, hardcore-christian.com if he’s interested. It’s new, but he’s the kind of guy I am seeking to encourage and show ways to raise other men up.

  2. This is rich.
    My husband and I have recently talked about how we need to re-route our marriage around prayer daily instead of “when we can”. We pray daily as individuals and with our kiddos before bed, but not like we should and used to as a couple. I’m looking for God to rekindle that desire for prayer as a couple, and I realize also it has to be intentional.
    Thanks for this!

    • We found some staggering statistics about men praying with their families. Most couples only pray together before meals or in time of emergency. This is definitely what our prayer life together looked like.

      It’s been a lot harder than we thought to pray together – something you think that should be so natural can be so difficult. We are exploring the idea of doing liturgical style prayers together to open a new doorway of prayer and togetherness. I’ll keep you posted…

      • Laura and I pray nightly (at a minimum). I’ve found when we don’t do this, we get out of whack and start having more tension. We haven’t tried the liturgical style praying, but even spending 15-30 minutes a night in prayer together has caused so much growth, both as a couple and as followers of Jesus.

        I will be touching on this topic in my blog sometime in the next few months.

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