The End of It All

I thought having a baby would…

  • end my career
  • ruin my marriage
  • be full of tedious work
  • end of many friendships
  • end my social life
  • make me boring

Instead, having a baby has…

  • given me a new passion for my work
  • increased the joy in my marriage
  • shown me that tedious work for your own baby is actually fun
  • started and bloomed many new friendships
  • started a whole new social world
  • made me more alive with energy with new perspectives

We hear so many negative reasons why people don’t want to have kids. I’m here to tell you that if you have a good foundation and joy in your life, a baby will enhance everything you already have.  Now…get to baby making!


5 thoughts on “The End of It All

  1. HAHA! Your blog is always so full of life. Im not here as often as I should be. Thanks for being you ❤ An amazing woman of God, a passionate, loving wife, an incredible, fun mommy and just a great friend to all.

  2. I have to agree with Jacob – what an excellent post Judi, so true! So many people tell you all the bad stuff about having a baby and it can be frightening when you’re pregnant – especially for the first time! But really any small ‘negative’ can easily be looked at as a blessing!

    Too funny if some of your friends end up having a baby in 9 months 🙂

    • Lisa & Jacob – You are both such an inspiration to me when it comes to parenting. You take life with such grace and humor. I love and miss you guys!

      Jenn – thanks girl! That means a lot coming from such an awesome lady such as yourself!!!

  3. This is a great post Judi! I just read a blog this morning titled Why Parents Hate Parenting -via New York Magazine where the author stated how much he disagreed with the article. Your post reminded me of it. Glad to know you are a ‘happy mommy’. ~Jessica

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