Fun With The Internets

Since being a mommy, my whole Internet experience has changed. Here are some of the google terms I’ve used in the past 6 weeks:

Green poop
Mucous thick spit up
Eye goop
How much should a newborn sleep
How much should a newborn eat
Newborn bath
Hip newborn clothes
Gassy newborn



4 thoughts on “Fun With The Internets

  1. She is soooo cute! She looks like you I think! Do other people think that? I hope you had a good birthday, i thought of you on our day!

  2. I’ll add a few nice ones:
    1. The smell of a baby after bathing, powder and lotion.
    2. Trying to guess whether the smile is from gas or happy… who cares I love both smiles.
    3. The everything is new to me look in their eyes.
    4. The super soft skin and hands.
    5. The peace and calmness as a baby falls asleep.

    I miss them all… enjoy while you can!

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