I’m still alive and better than ever

The last 6 weeks have been a wonderful, dream state blur. Words don’t come close to describing the emotions and love that we have experienced.

For now, here’s a quick list of things that We are learning and experiencing:

Burping, farting, pooping and peeing are celebrated on a semi-hourly basis.

There are not enough burp cloths in the world.

Losing a pacifier at the wrong time is devastating.

Hearing my baby cry isn’t stressful.

You can become an expert at many new things in less than 6 weeks with daily practice. Case in point: diaper changing.

Being a mommy has rewards that outweigh stretch marks, 3 am feedings, and 30 extra pounds.

Praying never felt so good.

Check out junejett.com to hear about June’s adventures!


2 thoughts on “I’m still alive and better than ever

  1. You both are looking healthy and beautiful. Here’s a hint that you might already know, strategically place pacifiers every where. Cuts down on those panic moments! It’s good to see your dreams come true, and dreams you haven’t dreamed yet still to come.

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