A Little Baby Update

Mark your calendars people!


Mark and I are planning on inducing on July 20th. I’m so excited that I’ve peed my pants several times…



6 thoughts on “A Little Baby Update

  1. The date seemed like one I should know & I checked the calendar & it so happens to be Jacob’s birthday, too 🙂 yah! (kidding Jacob, I knew it was your birthday! Hope you are feeling well, we’re praying for you!

  2. i had a dream about a week ago that i was encouraging you on your upcoming labor. paul and i thought it might be the Lord telling me to do just that.

    labor is difficult and hard work – it’s not called labor for nothing. but it was one of the most beautiful experiences i’ve ever had. the moment derek was born was the happiest moment of my life. i cried like a baby the second he made his appearance because every push, every contraction, resulted in this beautiful little boy that was now in the world. all this to say, having been through labor, i would do it again in a heartbeat. i was nervous before going into labor, but knowing what i know now, i know there was nothing to worry about.

    to me, labor is beautiful and there is nothing scary about it. not when you’re end result is a beautiful child that you’ve been waiting to meet for 9 months. may God bless your labor and delivery. you will be blessed beyond belief the moment you meet your darling daughter.

  3. This is from a father’s view, being there to see the birth of my girls and being involved with the birth, was and is still the miracle in my life. It’s the most ugliest BEAUTIFUL moment of your life. My oldest daughters birthday is on the 22nd, so it must be a good month for having a baby! Prayers for you and your soon to be new family.

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