A Moment In Time – My MJ Tribute

Michael Jackson was more than a celebrity in my home while I was growing up. He was a part of our lives…my life.

  • He was the first musician I loved and whose album I bought on my own.
  • I learned to dance to Billy Jean, Triller, Bad, and Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.
  • I knew how to moon walk before I was 10.
  • Some of the best memories from my childhood were spent with my family dancing and goofing off with MJ playing the background.
  • I got to stay up late to watch the world primere of “Black or White” and “Remember the Time” – I thought music videos as we knew them were changed forever.
  • I have watched the entire Smooth Criminal video over 100 times.
  • I spent a whole summer skating to the nearest USPS box to drop off a letter every day to MJ. I sent the letters to Neverland Ranch…I never got a response.
  • I felt special to share a birthday with MJ – August 29th (I didn’t think it was just a coincidence)

Now that he’s actually gone, it brings a very surreal feeling to me. I feel like he’s actually been dead for a long time or he’s some ancient artist that never really existed during my time – like Elvis or the Beatles. I was never waiting for him to release a new song that was going to change my life. Most of the music I loved from him was made before I was born or just a child.

The Michael Jackson that I loved was not the Michael Jackson that died last Thursday. The Michael Jackson I loved has been gone for a long time. So…I didn’t cry much (only once), I don’t watch any of the commemorative TV specials, and I don’t care if people make crude jokes about MJ. His music will still have a place in my heart the same way it has my whole life.


One thought on “A Moment In Time – My MJ Tribute

  1. I agree, my parents divorced in 1972. A very ugly divorce that forced me to go live with my mom away from friends and dad. At age 8, sat in my room crying and listening to the Jackson five. Maria, Got to be there, I’ll be there, never can say goodbye, maybe tomorrow. What a incredible talent that unfortunately took the wrong path later in life. My kids only knows him as the Freak Michael Jackson, but oddly enough his music once helped me through a tragic time in my life.

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