Adventures in Pregnancy – 1

A thousand new thoughts go through my head every day (I’m conviced this is the reason why I forget so much “regular” stuff). Thoughts like: how can I get up as little as possible today? Wow, my wedding ring feels tighter! Whoa…look at my ankles! Is that rumbling in my stomach the taco salad or little June kicking around?

Every part of me wants to be brave and act like I’m feeling and doing great. The truth is…I’m terrified. What if my baby won’t sleep through the night, what if she has colic, should I use a pacifier? It seems everyone has an opinion about these things (a very strong opinion) and there’s so much judgement in motherhood. My friend can’t get the hang of breast feeding and she gets treated like she threw her baby down a well. The pressure is already mounting up!

As I ponder these things, I will continue to waddle around, put my feet up, and eat popsicles…


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Pregnancy – 1

  1. I have the answers for you!

    Your baby may sleep through the night at a few weeks old or a few years old. All 100% normal.

    You may have a very easy time breastfeeding, or you may not. 100% normal.

    Your baby may love a pacifier or not. 100% normal.

    Shall I go on?

    Your baby may sleep better on his tummy. Perfectly fine. May not like the tummy. That’s great too. May walk at 9 months or 15 months. Normal. May talk at 12 months or at 18 momths. Cool. May sit up at 5 months, or may be 9 months. All okey-dokey.

    Now you know why milestone charts, pregnancy books, parenting books, and moms on internet chat boards don’t have the answers for you. It’s all different, it’s all normal, and it’s all okay!

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  3. All I can say is be ready to act as the Marines…be ready to improvise. We heard if you don’t breast feed…Blah Blah Blah, If you give them a pacifier…Blah Blah Blah, what it gets down to is that no two babies are the same and they will react differently. I’ve have two 18 and 15, raised exactly the same but are completely different. I’ve seen it all, and babies seem to be tougher than people think. It’s hard enough to be relax when with child and the baby can sense this. So, my young wonderful Mommy Marine, stay calm, love your child and be ready to improvise to what works best for you and that pretty baby!

  4. Judi, I think you have one step up on most new moms in that you recognize the pressures that come with being a new mom! I struggled with breast feeding Ella and the guilt trip you give yourself is bad enough, let alone the extra you get from other people. It really made me more aware of what and how i day things to other moms.
    Just keep an open mind and don’t get stuck on expectations from books or other families. God picked you and Mark out to raise your beautiful daughter and no one will be able to do it any better!

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