Resume Writing Tips

The economy sucks…and I can’t do anything about it.


I have a knack for writing, editing and formatting resumes for my friends, family, and even former co-workers. If you need some help with your resume, I really want to help you. Here’s some quick tips, but feel free to leave a comment and I’ll email you if you need additional help:

  • Customize your email for the job you are applying for. Each job requirement is different – so should your resume!
  • Keep it to one page if at all possible.
  • Keep it clean and SPELL CHECK!!!!
  • Focus on your skills and strengths – not your daily tasks and duties.
  • You are marketing yourself so be creative and make your experience jump off of the page.
  • Reach out to placement agencies and head hunters. They have trusted relationships with tons of companies. Many companies won’t hire anyone unless it’s through a placement agency or head hunter.
  • Convert your resume to PDF before sending. MS Word formatting doesn’t always “keep”.
  • For examples, templates and more tips, visit Resume Resource.

In addition to helping with your resume, I’ll pray that you find a job – a GREAT job!

Start Writing!

Start Writing!


3 thoughts on “Resume Writing Tips

  1. This was really nice of you to share. Very resourceful.
    Please say a prayer for my husband and I as we are “up” for a ministry job for a church in california. We are excited but prayerful. And after reading over your tips, Im certain our resume’s are up to par : )

  2. Nowadays, it seems few people would or care to differentiate a CV and a resume. I am a headhunter, I don’t care to find out the difference until recently when I notice in some websites, that CV writing service is far more expensive than resume writing.

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