Hey…it’s OK! – Pregnancy Edition

It’s OK to:

  1. Not blog for a week
  2. Watch TV all night long with your hubby and neglect the dishes, laundry and dirty bathrooms
  3. Admit that some parts of pregnancy suck
  4. Avoid the person that makes comments about certain body parts getting bigger
  5. To be nervous that you won’t get to buy yourself new clothes because you’ll be buying new clothes for the baby
  6. To be hungry at 8 am, 11 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm
  7. To ask your hubby get you water, your special pillow, your laptop, a snack and the remote (in the course of 10 minutes)

Anything you need to remind yourself not to feel guilty about???


6 thoughts on “Hey…it’s OK! – Pregnancy Edition

  1. hey – I already suffer from #6 WITHOUT being pregnant!
    hmmm…i wonder how much more i could possibly be hungry throughout the day than I am already, sheesh.

  2. 2. That’s awesome that you are okay with letting your ‘house chores’ go! I struggle with that still, but it’s quality time with family is way worth neglecting chores that can be done later!
    3. Totally agree with you!
    7. Take full advantage 🙂 I tried being tough mom and do everything myself with Ella, and now with #3 it’s easier for me to ask for help it seems.

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