A Change of Pace

Since we have had so many layoffs and budget cuts, my job has completely transformed from shopping and planning parties to editing HTML all day. It’s definitely a change of pace. I’m dreaming in code and ready for my old job back (even though that may never happen).

I’m completely stressed out about maternity leave and if they won’t need me again when I actually return. So, I’ll take any job they give me…here’s to HTML!!!!!


<b>Ode to Job</b>



<p style=text align: left>I still love my job, but…</p>

<p style=text align: left><b>I still dream of the day when I can be a stay at home mom.</b></p>

<p style=text align: left>I guess it’s better than not having a job at all…RIGHT?!?!</p>

<p style=text align: left>I’ve said my peace, now back to work.</p>




7 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Judi, welcome to the world of geekdom – coding. If they ever ask you to do JavaScript, run and don’t look back.

    And yes I like my job, break times are playing with Derek ::)

    Hope you are feeling well.

  2. I prefer software that does all that stuff for you….lol.. I have Dreamweaver at work.. gotta find the time to figure it out. 🙂

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