To Know Him Now

Mark beautifully recounted the memorial service that we attended yesterday for the miraculous life of Mason.

The young couple that lost Mason never knew Jesus, attended a church service or even prayed before they found out about the fate of their precious child. When the doctors told them at just 5 months pregnant that Mason wouldn’t live more than 10 minutes after birth, they found the closest church (ORCC) and gave their lives to Christ.

I got to meet them shortly after they started attending ORCC, and they have radically changed my life. Their faith, their understanding of the Word, their hunger for the Holy Spirit – it all took me by surprise. How could such “baby Christians” already have such an amazing grasp on loving Jesus? Shouldn’t their faith be shaken? Shouldn’t they lose hope faster than I do? Even now, after they lost Mason, they are still an inspiration and encouragement to me.

It makes me wonder what I may have lost in translation being raised in church. Have I become numb by reciting “church-isms”, singing songs, and quoting scripture that I don’t fully understand myself? Did faith lose it’s true meaning as I was praying for my 10-speed bike to be fixed and my barbie to be found? Did Jesus become a character like Santa or the tooth fairy?

What would it be like if I heard the Word and accepted Jesus as my savior for the first time NOW as an adult? Lord, I pray that I can hear your Word and follow your Holy Spirit with passion as if today was the first day I ever knew you.

Thank you, Mason…



6 thoughts on “To Know Him Now

  1. Wow, read Mark’s blog and thought this was awesome, now I read yours and I’m blown away…

    Have I belittled Christ to a band-aid or a remote effigy because I’m so used to saying amen and singing hallelujah?
    I’m going to chew on this for a bit today

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  3. These are some of the same thoughts I have at times too. I never had a moment in my life where I didn’t know God, believe in God, love God… I have nothing to compare it to. I do take it for granted since it’s always just “been there.” I have no idea what life is like without Him. I often wonder if I am missing out on that passion, or that fear of living without Him. I don’t know. But I do know my prayer is the same as yours.

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