Married Ministry

Mark and I share an incredible ministry together. Every Wednesday night, we lead a young generation to the throne room where we join in with the angels and worship our everlasting God. It is incredibly satisfying, challenging and overwhelming all at once.

However, what Mark and I do on Wednesday nights is just a small part of what Mark does at the church. You see, Mark works at our church…and I don’t. He gets to plan, write music, and cast vision all day long while I’m sitting in my 6’x8′ cubicle blogging, preparing reports, and writing emails.

I’m still trying to find where I fit into the whole ministry since I don’t actually work there. And the hard truth that I am coming to terms with is – I don’t fit in all of it.

There is a portion of the ministry that Mark and I do together and there is a portion that Mark will do with other people. I am learning to share the load and share my husband with a team…but it’s proving to be quite a hard lesson for me.


6 thoughts on “Married Ministry

  1. Even though it is part-time for me w/ the church Judi, Stacie and I both know this feeling. For me, it is learning to make a “stop doing list” and following through with it, in order to have more us time. But still, the dynamic of a team relationship and a marriage are both so different, I am working on making it clear which one comes first. Stacie, all the way!

  2. This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

    A simple song with so much meaning.

    Your light for God shines in so many ways, you allow it to direct others to God. You may be Shining for a few now, but the lights you touch, can shine for others, growing into a illuminating wonder.

    Merry Christmas

  3. as a worship pastors wife…i relate oh so very well.

    even though i sing with him on the team. i write and co-write…there are still others that he works with on a more one on one basis. its something i have had to learn to accept. and it wasnt easy when that someone else was getting to do something i wanted to do.

    now i realize the part i DO play is a much needed part of the team. it isnt smaller or less significant. without it – there would be something missing. it isnt about my self worth tho – its about me being obedient to the role God has me in, which is a part of a bigger picture within a remarkable worship team. its truly an honor.

    did any of that make sense? or did i babble?

  4. Merry Christmas Judi. may this new year bring more blessings as God desires to bless His children and shower them with His love. May you find God’s goodness this coming year.

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