At work, I really think about everything I’m going to say or email. I take a breath and think, “How will this impact the situation/person/problem?” I’m very diligent and respectful about this and I usually do not say anything out of pure emotion.

However, I don’t do the same thing at home. Instead of thinking about my response to Mark or my parents, I usually blurt out my first emotionall and irrational response. It usually takes a 5 or 10 minute conversation for me to back out of my “blurt” and tell the person that I love what I really meant to say.

When it comes to the people we love, why is it so hard to treat them with the same respect we do our co-workers or boss?


5 thoughts on “Blurting

  1. GIRL! I have this issue too. I think we tend to think of the consequences that we have if we say “anything” to a customer or boss, but when it comes to the people we love, we figure they’ll accept us for who we are and we can kind of get away with it. I guess its a familiarity thing. Im trying to do better at that though.

  2. i am definitely a blurter at home. poor paul! i strive to be respectful to him in my words at actions. unfortunately, he gets the brunt of my frustrations. i think that i must be married to the most patient man in the world! cause i know me, and i know that i’m not always a delight and tend to speak before i think…. *sigh*

  3. Oh, ouch! My husband and I had this conversation the other day because I often “blurt” on him. I think it’s because I feel the most comfortable, I don’t feel the need to filter because he loves me unconditionally (right?), and sometimes I’m just plain tired of filtering from all the conversations I’ve had throughout the day. It doesn’t mean, however, that it’s fair or that it’s ok for me to just expect him to deal with it. Uggghh, thanks for the reminder!

  4. i’ve always chocked it up to a “comfortability/familiarity” thing… but at the same time, i still talk differently to my husband than i do to my best friend. so i can’t blame it on that.

    i don’t know. i just know i’m guilty of the same thing.

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