Writer’s Block

I guess I’m not technically a “writer”, but this blog is my haven and the people here are my support group. I cannot think of a topic or a darn thing to write. So I leave you with some words from my wacky mother:

  1. “If you can think it up, it has probably been done already.” – in response to my incessant “what if” questions.
  2. Remember to smile.” – when I would walk toward her with a frown
  3. “I wasn’t calling you…maybe it was the Lord trying to get your attention.” – when I would come to her because I thought she had called my name.
  4. “You can’t remember? Maybe it was a lie.” – if I was going to tell her something and then I couldn’t remember what I was going to say. I really hated when she said this because it WASN’T a lie – ha!
  5. Some folks are so heaven minded they are no earthly good.” – oh…that’s a good one!
  6. “Slow down, no one is going to steal your food.” – when I would hoover my food in a matter of seconds…little did she know that my big brothers and sister DID steal my food!!!
  7. “All you need is love.” – in response to not having money or being in a difficult situation. This is probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten.
  8. “Just say the name of Jesus.” – when I would get scared at night.

Did your mom ever tell you something over and over again??!?!?


5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

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  2. #3-my mom use to say that ALL THE TIME!! It would kind of weird me out and I would wonder if God really was calling me and I was missing it somehow.

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