An Epic Kind of Love

I just found a love letter from Mark from when we first fell in love over 8 years ago. We fell in love while I was just visiting Denver and he wrote this as soon as I left to go back to New Mexico. I still cannot fight the tears when I read it. Here is an excerpt…no, you cannot read the whole thing:

I miss you. I can’t breath without you here.  I know I truly love you because of how empty I feel right now, without you here. I can still taste your tears. I can’t even handle it when someone mentions your name. This time apart will be harder than I thought. I love you so much. I don’t know how I’ll get up in the morning knowing that you’re not here.

When I got home today I almost passed out because I was so overwhelmed with sorrow.I want to give you the universe just so I can see you smile. I just keep thinking of you.  I tried to think of anything else but it always led back to you. You’re everything in my life. Without you life isn’t worth living.

We have an epic kind of love! This letter should be put in a book as one of the great love letters of our time. And here’s the great thing – he still talks to me like that. He still makes me feel like I’m living a dream come true….better than any fairytale ever written!


11 thoughts on “An Epic Kind of Love

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  2. man, you’d think that husband of yours is a songwriter. 😉 anyone who knows you guys knows how passionate you are about each other. my favorite moment between you two was watching when mark would see you and say, “judifree! kiss my face!” you two are a very inspiring couple.

  3. I write poems for wife and daughters all the time, I know this sounds odd from a country boy that deer hunts, but I enjoy seeing them when they read them, and the warmth I get in return. If I could only sing, which I can’t, I would be writing all the time. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited your blog, but it sounds like the love is still happening. Oh, by the way, I love the picture in the previous blog.

    Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

  4. seriously, i kinda felt like i shouldnt be reading this (as i blushed) but im SO glad you let us read it anyway!

    you definitely have a keeper.

    and the question in my mind, that you answered in the end, was gonna be “does he still talk to you this way?” amazing, judi! what a gift!

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