the evidence of things not seen

Since Mark and I work with youth a lot, we are quickly understanding how CRITICAL it is for young people to:

  • Know the power of God
  • Recognize the spiritual warfare taking place over their lives
  • Learn to use the authority they have in Christ Jesus

I guess this isn’t just an issue with youth…it’s a problem in all of us. The spiritual realm is often mocked and laughed at nowadays – we are so focused on “living a good life” that we completely ignore the true spiritual battle happening.

It was common in my home to say the name of JESUS when you are scared and say “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND”. It was also common in my home to recognize when something was demonic. We did not call spiritual disturbances “ghosts” we called them demons. It was a real thing to me and so was the power of Jesus. Even as a child I experienced demons fleeing by just saying the name of Jesus. Are kids still learning that in Christian homes?

People – WE HAVE THE VICTORY…even over DEATH! Depression, sickness, demonic opression MUST flee in the name of Jesus. We have the power…He gave it to us! We don’t have to live defeated any longer. All over the world, people are being raised from the dead, healed from diseases and using the authority Jesus handed to them. Why can’t we!?!?!?

Luke 9:1-2

1 And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal.


8 thoughts on “the evidence of things not seen

  1. YES!!!!! I was just talking to a friend about the lack of POWER in the church. I love to hear someone EXCITED about exercising the power of the Holy Spirit. Our God aint no punk! We shouldnt be either!

  2. Great thoughts! I’ve been a believer for almost 50 years. I still ask the same question. “Why can’t we?” My passion is to blog about what I call “God Spots”. They are specific times when God authenticates his presence and I get to blog.

  3. When my older son (now four) was a little younger he’d come to me saying he could see things in the room. He kept telling me about monsters in the room and that he was afraid. Now, I couldn’t see anything, but I wasn’t going to tell him he was making it up!

    So I told him, “Well, let’s get rid of it” and I had him hold his hand up, bind the “monster” and tell it to “go in the name of Jesus.” Whenever I asked if it was gone afterward, he would always say “Yes.”

    As I set people free from demonic infestation regularly as part of my Christian service, I am actively involved in seeing demons flee at the name of Jesus… and I agree with Kelli “Our God aint no punk!” Put another way, “Behold I give unto you power to trample on snakes and scropions and over all the power of the enemy; nothing shall by any means hurt you!” (Luke 10:19)

  4. AMEN! I grew up in church, but never was I taught these truths until in the last few years. Oh the agony’s I could have relenquished to His control had I understand these truths. My children will know them.

  5. I just read you post, very nice! Imagine what the church would be like if we raised a generation of children who no longer allowed our enemy to just run unchallenged, if we could finally know the power that we have in Christ.

    We are likewise speaking on some of the same issues. If you get a chance visit our site at and let us know what you think.

    Keep fighting, it is in laying down our weapons that we lose.

  6. indeed!

    christianity has taken on a metrosexual flair (not trying to be offensive, sorry) of looking great and doing good, but not actually having any backbone.

    we are in a very real fight and have been given the weapons and the warplan. and yet all too often we sit back and don’t engage, lest we look “too out there” or something.

    for shame.

  7. 😆 ‘metrosexual flair’ 😆 funny….

    “christianity has taken on a metrosexual flair (not trying to be offensive, sorry) of looking great and doing good, but not actually having any backbone.”

    … and then not so funny because it’s too true 😦

    Bring back the power of the Lord to the Body of Christ!!!!! Jesus was no wimp!

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