We Voted – A Picture Story

We started at 5:30 am this morning while it was still dark:

Waiting outside out polling place - 1 block from our house

Waiting outside our polling place - 1 block from our house

 We brought doughnuts to make some friends: 

We made some friends in line and had a good time! 



Then, we went inside at 7 am and VOTED!


Now, I’m a voter! I plan on taking full advantage of the free coffee at Starbucks on my lunch break!



8 thoughts on “We Voted – A Picture Story

  1. ooops! I meant to say If you have your i voted stinker on you can get a free chick-fil-la sandwhich from mine. I wish I could vote. lol You cant just delet my moms.!

  2. Tam – we think the same about you and Brent!!!

    Elissa, I remember feeling the same way. I couldnt vote and yet I was so interested and invested in the elections of 2000. I think we are similar in alot of ways!

  3. so fun!

    i’ve never had the luxury of voting “for real”. i’ve lived in africa since i was 19, so all my votes have been absentee-ballot-style. i hope to someday be able to cast my vote in the cute little booth and then wear a sticker to prove it! and i’m all about the free starbucks coffee!

  4. It’s such an honor and a privilage to be able to vote. What a wonderful country we live in.

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t appreciate all of the freedoms that we have in this country. Than it really hits home when I talk to someone who is from a foreign country and they tell me what their life was like. It just really is a very humbling experiance.

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