In the Waiting & Wanting

If you can’t tell already, I have the fever….BABY FEVER!

I watched “Baby Mama” last night…the comedy with Tina Fey…and cried. I was supposed to laugh, but I cried. I’m tired of crying every time I see a baby. Tina Fey said it perfectly, “It’s like every baby I see is staring at me”. I can’t help but get lost in emotion and desire every time I see a precious little face.

Here’s how I’ve decided to cope with this:

  1. Stay away from Malls (they are swarming with new babies)
  2. Don’t watch TLC – ever
  3. Go out on the town as often as possible – to enjoy my life without kids while I still have it
  4. Do things on a whim – go out for dinner or a movie on the spur of the moment
  5. Exercise in the mornings

These are all really silly, but they help me enjoy life right now and WAIT (be patient) for what I know God has promised me. What practical things can you do while you wait for your promises?


4 thoughts on “In the Waiting & Wanting

  1. i’m going to school to develop a better foundation in my knowledge of music. so, when the Lord places me in the position to fulfill my call as a music pastor, i’ll have so much more to give than i do now.

  2. I definitely understand. There are 4 ladies at my church who have just announced their pregnancies. Im excited for them and bummed for me : (. TRAVEL!!!!! Because once you have children you have to make arrangements for sitters or take them with you and all that. Go to places near and far and enjoy the scenery!

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