Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

Mark and I have a lovely little place that brings out the romance and communication in us!

It’s a little authentic Italian restaurant around the corner from our house called “Armandos”. We go there at least once a week and all of the wait staff knows us as the cute couple that comes in to wisper, giggle, kiss, hold hands and leave a big tip. We have had some big conversations here. We have also shared tears, laughter, and dreams in this place.

First of all, we love to be regulars! My old pastor once said, “if you want a bigger realm of influence with people, become a regular somewhere”. That simple!

Second of all, we love having a place where we feel relaxed and where we can talk. We never feel rushed. We always get a booth. Mark gets the chicken parm. I get the baked ziti. It is like a slice of vacation right around the corner. It’s OUR place and it brings out the best in us. Here’s a few pictures of some times at Armandos:

Mark with His Chicken Parm

Mark with His Chicken Parm


The Essence of Armandos

The Essence of Armandos


5 thoughts on “Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

  1. mmmmmm!

    Jake and I don’t really have a place that’s “just ours” but we do have a place as a family….Reeeeed Robin. Yummmmm. 😉

    We used to go there once a week as a family and we LOVED it. We started going on Thursday nights b/c we liked the waitress we always got. 😆 We miss having a Red Robin here.

  2. paul and i used to have a place like this, but we just found out last week that they closed down. THEY CLOSED DOWN!!! it was a sad day. we’ll have to find a new place.

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