Good on Paper

I am speaking at Ladies Night this Friday at ORCC. I am a little intimidated. I am supposed to talk about having joy in family relationships.

The problem is that the room will be filled with women much older and wiser than me. I do have incredible joy in my marriage and it is so easy to blog and write about the beautiful joys and the “everyday wonderful” life that I have. It all sounds so good on paper, but will it translate in a room of mothers, wives, pastors, widows, professionals, divorcees, and mentors? Will they be laden with doubt and think that this naive girl just hasn’t experienced enough marriage to know what she’s talking about (will I be laden with doubt?).

Here’s my outline for Friday (on paper):

  1. I have been happily married to the man I love for 5 1/2 years (insert joke on how I still count by the 1/2 year)
  2. We find joy in our families and marriage by living everyday wonderful – Give quick breakdown of our “everyday wonderful rules” (click the marriage category if you want to read them).
  3. We are trying to start a family and while we have endured much pain and loss this year, we find strength to endure by choosing to praise God despite the circumstances – I’ll give a quick nugget on the difference between Praise and Worship and how it is emotionally and spiritually necessary to PRAISE during hard times (that’s a whole other blog post).

Oh God, please give me strength and confidence to talk to these wonderful women. If even not for them, then for me.

If you are in Denver (and a woman) come on out and have
some girl time on Friday!


5 thoughts on “Good on Paper

  1. My dearest Judi – ur a spectacular person & Fri will be fantastic!! Be you & the evening will be more than wonderful!!

  2. Asking Jesus to anoint you from head to toe on Friday night, that you would be His heart…..His lips….and His LOVE….

    Speak in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    And with tears….

  3. I wish we were still in Denver, I’d love to hear you speak! Especially on the Praise during the hard times. We should talk more often. I had no idea you guys were going through all of that, and we have had similar experiences!

    Thanks so much for making us feel so at home during our stay in Denver, it was a blast hanging out and I’m already looking forward to our next trip. Maybe by then we can bring the kids and maybe there will be more of them.

    Praying for a wonderful message that will truly bless those listening!

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