The Importance of “er”

I can design, but I’m not a designer

I can write, but I’m not a writer

I can sing, but I’m not a singer

I can dance, but I’m not a dancer

I can speak, but I’m not a speaker

These are things I love to do, but I don’t do them for a living.

Do you have one of these “ER” things?


12 thoughts on “The Importance of “er”

  1. i can drink but im not a drinker???


    um. ok.

    i can draw, but im not a drawer. no. that would be an artist.

    im not good at this game.

    love you judi!

  2. THIS IS A GREAT POST! This is EXACTLY the way I feel most of the time! Judi, I still laugh at how similar we are sometimes. . .

    I can preach, but I am not a preacher.
    I can play second base, but I am not a second baseman.
    I can hit, but I am not a hitter.

  3. I can cook (sometimes), but I’m not a cook-er
    I can talk but I’m not a talker (usually)
    I can lift weights, but I’m not a weight lifter
    I need help & I’m a helper. πŸ™‚

  4. I love to organize, but I’m not an organizer
    I can walk, but I’m not a walker
    I can do math, but I AM NOT a mathametician

    Here is what I can Do:
    I can read, and I am a reader
    I can write, and I am a writer
    I can paint, and I am a painter
    I can bake, and I am a baker
    I can cook, and I am a cooker
    I can decorate, and I am a decorator
    (However, I am no Martha Stewart)

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