Humiliating Moments

Age 7: Wearing a huge dress with a hoop in the bottom of the skirt on a tall stage and the entire audience can see my underwear.

Age 8: Showing off to my “crush” by doing an amazing cartwheel and farting in the middle of it.

Age 11: Laughing on my friend’s trampoline during a sleepover and peeing my pants (the pee seeped through the trampoline and dripped onto the girls under the trampoline who were making me laugh).

Age 13: My friend literally gagged and threw up a little when I took off my shoes at a sleepover because my feet smelled so bad. (I hated socks – until then)

Age 16: Mark’s parents catching us making out (heavily) on the couch while I was a guest in their home.

Age 16: Showing up to my first day of college with a huge bruise on my face because Mark accidentally hit me with a laser gun.

Age 17: Leaving my first real job in tears because I outed an affair within the company and I was the one who was asked to leave.

Age 20: Asking my mother-in-law for Sex & The City season 1 for my birthday

Age 21: Crying in front of my boss at work

Age 23: Wearing a sequin shirt, leggins and side ponytail to my CEO’s house

There are several others that didn’t make this list and only Mark knows what those are.

Your most humiliating moment??


16 thoughts on “Humiliating Moments

  1. i was about 9 and my brother and i went to our parent’s accountant with them. we were bored and started playing in front of the security camera that had a live feed in the accountant’s office. we were doing all sorts of stuff and no one seemed to notice. owy dared me to moon the camera and as i got halfway through to the full moon, i heard my mom gasp and my dad yell, “Teresa!” when i went to the office to face the music, my parents were trying not to laugh and the accountant was blushing. HUMILIATING!

  2. First of all thank you for being brave enough to share some of those moments with us.

    I would have to say my most embarassing moment mas when I was 16 and I was walking down the brick stairs @ my chruch ORCC and my heel got caught in the grout between the bricks and I feel down the last part of the stairs and when I landed at the bottom there was Pastor Hugh Fells, Pastor Barry Palser, etc.

    I had so wished that a whole would open up and swallow me, I’m lieterally turning red just remembering the whole situation.

    Yet another example of why I cannot join the Dance Ministry at church.

  3. OH AMY! I have fallen down stars too!

    I really want to encourage to you join the Dance Ministry. It is such an awesome group of women. I’m speaking at Girls Night Out next Friday. Will you be there? I don’t think I’ve ever met you in person!

  4. I’ve been racking my brain to remember something, but fortunately my brain has some sort of device that automatically deletes those traumatizing moments.

    However, when I was in high school, I had a friend, who shall not be named, who was full on de-pantsed in gym class in front of everyone. I was horrified and humiliated for him for a few months.

    The poor guy slipped into a coma like state of pseudo depression, and within a matter of months, simply moved to another town hundreds of miles away.

    By the way… Laser gun to the face = best injury EVER.

  5. To much information! Now I have to look at all of you in a whole new way, not good. So I will let you see me in a whole new wayโ€ฆswimming a 100 meter butterfly stroke, in a high school swim tournament, with speedos almost all the way off my backside, because the string broke when entering the water. And if you know the butterfly stroke, there’s no way of hiding it. Tan lines took on a whole new meaning!

  6. I totally fell over on my bike last month whil I was just standing there. I wasn’t even moving, I just tipped over. And this car full of high school girls screamed at me. I felt awesome!

  7. Judi,

    That hasn’t been my only time tripping either, at septembers city prayer I tripped and almost fell and there was nothing there to trip me up either. Graceful I am not ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    To answer your question yes I will be there. Hopefully accident free:D

  8. Ohhhhhhhh I am cracking up at these. I have had my hand over my mouth gasping. ๐Ÿ˜† hahahaha! Those are ALL so completely hilarious. And I love that you watch Sex and The City. Did you see the movie? I rented it a few weeks ago and am SO GLAD I rented instead of seeing it in the theater. I skipped about 4 chapters total. My eyes! My eyes!

  9. Getting talked into dressing up as a girl for Dress Up Day in the 6th grade was bad enough, getting mixed up and doing it on the wrong day was humiliating. There were supposed to be four of us boys doing it but I did it a day too early. Not only were the other boys not dressed up, no one else was in a costume.
    I spent the whole day trying to explain why I was dressed up like a girl, and being teased and laughed at.

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