…And Then A Miracle

…What if I don’t get scholarships to either school???? I would be stuck in ROSWELL without the one I love – FOREVER!

The thought alone was nauseating. I was banking on the fact that my 4.0 grades, membership to every Honorary Society, and captain-ship of every sport imagainable would make me a sure fire candidate for any scholarship available (not to mention that I’m 1/2 Mexican and some part Indian). What if I was wrong?

Then the unimaginable happened – I didn’t get the scholarship to West Texas A&M. DEVASTATION set in. Denver was my only hope now. Why didn’t I cast a larger net? Why didn’t I apply to 20 schools instead of just 2??? Why Why Why?

It was now the 1st week of August. By this time, my parents moved away from my small hometown to pursue teaching careers in El Paso, TX. I was all alone in Roswell with no hope for a future. I was living with my pastor’s family, and I decided to go to church like I always had. I was ready to plead with God for my future.

We finished worship and now the offering bucket was coming around. I had $40 in my purse. That was ALL I had for the next couple of weeks. My parents weren’t there to help me and my next pay check was no where in sight. I decided to give it all. YOU HEARD ME! I gave it all. I threw it in God’s face. I said, “God, this $40 won’t get me to college. But if I give it to you, then maybe you can do something with it.” That moment changed my life.

The next day – LITERALLY, THE NEXT DAY – I got two letters in the mail. One from the prestigious University of Denver congratulating me for getting a scholarship for all of my housing and books and a portion of my tuition. The other was a letter from the US Dept. of Education informing me that I was receiving a Pell Grant to cover the rest of my tuition. Not a loan – a grant. Money in my pocket that never has to be repaid. Overnight – I HAD A FULL RIDE TO DU!!!

It was a miracle. A full blown miracle. God showed me so much during that summer. How to trust in his love. How to have faith for your dreams and desires. And most importantly, how to WAIT on him.

I ended up making it through the next couple of weeks with no money. I registered for classes. I used my last paycheck for gas to drive myself to Denver, and when I got to Denver, my mom and dad sent me $1000. It lasted me the entire school year.

In Denver, I married the man of my dreams and I lived happily ever after…


9 thoughts on “…And Then A Miracle

  1. Judy, I love this story. And I remember meeting you at our church with Gary when you came to Denver to go to school. I haven’t told you but we were really, really hoping you would come be a part of our little church then. You could have met Kate back then! But it wasn’t to be. So glad we know you now!

  2. Wow! What a miracle. It made my eyes watery and gave me goose bumps from my back to my head. I was just reading about God’s provision in Luke 12 and then I read this…It is awesome to know that He is a faithful God. Thanks for sharing

  3. I love hearing this story, Judi. It reminds me how lucky Mark is to have a woman like you who is after God and gives Him your all. Mark is one blessed man, I have to say.

  4. Hi Judy!

    I was reading your myspace page and it led me here :). I am sincerely enjoying reading about when you first met Mark and your recent thoughts. I can remember (a long time ago) talking about what the “man you would marry” would be like :).

    You are a blessing to SO many people

    Stephanie 🙂

  5. I think its amazing how sometimes an act of faith can move God in such a way that he does even more than we can ask or think (as the bible says). He just wants us to trust with the little that we have so he can give us SO much more. Great story Judi

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