Prepare Ye the Way

Reading through the old testament is laborious in some parts. I was drudging through the details God gave Moses for building the tabernacle to hold the Ark of the Covenant (wanting to skip over most of it). Every detail, down to the thread color was instructed by God. I thought, “God, what can I possibly learn from this?”

Then, just as I asked, I realized that God cares about how we worship Him. God wants us to prepare our “tabernacle” to worship Him. He specified the wood, thread, dimensions, linen and colors for the tabernacle that would hold His presence! He did this for a reason.

If our hearts are tabernacles…if we really want God to show up at our church services…then, are we sure that we are prepared for God to really show up? Are we asking God how He would like our hearts to look? Are we concerned about the details?

How do we get our hearts and services ready to worship God…PRAY and READ the bible before you get to your church service. REPENT and FORGIVE before you go to worship God. He cares about this stuff…He wrote pages and pages of specific details and instructions for worshiping Him and honoring Him. Too often we throw out the old testament since we are under a new covenant…but the old covenant is a reflection of how our hearts should look now.

What is the thread color of your heart?


2 thoughts on “Prepare Ye the Way

  1. Pastor Aaron told me something that changed my life. We were talking about worship leading and what to meditate on while doing it. Whether it be the lyric or the worshipers, I felt like I was missing something.

    He told me something I didnโ€™t expect. He said that he doesnโ€™t concentrate on those things. He simply concentrates on where his heart is with God at that moment.

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