I wish I had…

…an iPhone so I could remotely blog all week during the DNC.

It should be an amazing week for me!! My company has me in Downtown Denver all week long to manage DNC parties and media lounges (I have such a cool job) It will be quiet around here, but I’ll try to upload pictures everynight.

Let the crazy parties begin!!!


8 thoughts on “I wish I had…

  1. Tam- do you have an iphone? I’m sitting at a willie nelson concert now and can’t believe my phone takes such crappy pictures. My birthday is friday so maybe ill get the iphone sooner than later.

  2. i dont have an iPhone. i have a Blackberry. id rather have an iPhone tho.

    birthday, next firday. thats right. i have you down on my list then!


  3. Sounds like there’s no choice here, after all Mark think of all the great things Judi has written about you. You waited five hours in a parking lot for her love, so come on a Iphone is nothing.

    and Happy Birthday Judi!

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