He Never Left…

This is how I knew I was going to marry Mark:

It was the day after our first kiss. I was all butterflies, dreams and nerves. It was a sleepless night because we were kissing for hours…until the sun came up to be exact. However, I was just visiting Denver and I had a college interview promptly at 8 am!!!

Since I was just visiting Denver (from Roswell, NM), Mark had to drive me to my college interview at DU. I was not only nervous for my interview, but I was a complete wreck due to the fact that I just kissed this amazing boy and he was sitting next to me in the car. Not sure whether to hold his hand…I just smiled and tried not to look too tired.

Mark got me to the interview in time. I was asked a million questions, talked to a college counselor about schedules and classes and took a tour of the campus. It was a LONG 5-hour ordeal!! Once I was finished I called Mark to come pick me up. This is how I knew he was “THE ONE”:

JudiFree: “Hi…um…do you think you can come back and pick me up at DU?”

Mark: “Hi…um…sure. I’m acutally in the DU parking lot right now.”

JudiFree: “What?!?! Did you just get here? How did you know when I would be done?”

Mark: “I never left…”

HE NEVER LEFT! He dropped me off and waited for me in the car for 5 hours! He wanted to make sure I was OK. He wanted to take care of me. He loved me. He already loved me enough to wait by himself in a car in a parking lot. Not sleeping. Not running errands. Not talking on the phone. Not listening to the radio. Just waiting. For me. I never felt so loved…


18 thoughts on “He Never Left…

  1. that is absolutely awesome. I quit smoking the day after my wife and I’s first date. She didn’t smoke. That’s how she knows I love her. How do I know she loves me? She put up with me for the couple of months it took for me to detox from cigs. She REALLY is a saint. Loved the story, Mark’s a cool guy.

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  3. I love hearing your stories, no matter how many times! Honestly its making my list longer with the qualities I want in a man and I want to have for him when I look at your relationship!

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