Parents & Dr. Appointments

As many of you know, my parents just moved to Denver. It’s been wonderful and stressful all at the same time.

  • My dad made Mark’s whole family green chili stew = wonderful
  • My mom went to a Dr. appointment with me = stressful

All of the sudden, I was a child again with feet dangling off of the front of the physicians table (you know, that REALLY uncomfortable table in the middle of the room with the strip of paper on it that inevitably crinkles loudly every time you shift your body). I was so annoyed that my mom was there. Not that my mom was even being annoying, but I was totally having a control freak moment and instantly became a snotty nosed brat!

I like my independence (I came to Denver by myself to go to college when I was just 16). I like to have the final say. I like my feet to touch the ground when I sit in a chair (I’m only 5’2″ so that doesn’t happen all of the time).

Do your parents ever agitate you for no reason other than making you feel like a child again??


12 thoughts on “Parents & Dr. Appointments

  1. Um, yeah! I’m the youngest in my family, and I was homeschooled for most of my educational career – so to the least my parents had me pretty well sheltered. To this day they still questions ALL of my major life decisions. It’s gotten a little bit better this year, because I’ve started to defend myself a little more strongly, but I DEFINETLY know how you feel!

  2. Oh dear, more than I could EVER express.

    Last night my mom called me to tell me she was looking at the pics of the boys on my blog, and then all of a sudden she said “BRANDY! You didn’t write NEARLY as much about Aidan as you did the other two boys. I can’t believe you!” And she was totally serious. Not laughing or anything. Dead serious mad.

    After I hung up I threw the phone on the couch and said “SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!” and Jake just said “what now?” 😆

    I love my mom, but I’m like you. I like my independance and I certainly do NOT like criticism from her. I like to do stuff with my mom, like go shopping or out to eat or to a movie, but when she starts ranting and nit picking, I’m done. And she would do that on a DAILY basis, which is why moving to North Dakota totally has perks. 😉

    Wow, nice comment. Apparently I was frustrated?? 😆 haha!!

  3. Judi–there comes a point when the roles reverse…and you become the parent. With my mom, I’ve beent eh grown-up for so long I can’t remember feeling like a kid around her! Don’t get me wrong, I love taking care of her. But trust me, it will change and YOU will be looking after her…hang in there. You are an awesome grownup!!

  4. Judi, you are so great. I love your openness and honesty, somehow you are able to take pretty sensitive subjects and make them loving and relateable. One question: does your mom read your blog?

  5. Im only 5’2 so I understand.
    My mom and I go head to head almost every time we visit with each other, but I love her to pieces. The whole mother daughter thing can be a weird dynamic sometimes.

  6. oh man! being the only girl, my mom says stuff to me that she would NEVER say to my brothers. all in the name of “helping” me. i always let her know when i feel she’s being more critical than helpful. but usually it stings because deep down, i know she’s probably right.

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