Pickle Juice Sno-Cones & Gymnastics

If you are looking for me tonight, I’ll be eating pickle juice sno-cones  courtesy of my recent Amazon purchase and enjoying some women’s gymnastics. GO USA!!!!

My New Sno-Cone Maker

My New Sno-Cone Maker


13 thoughts on “Pickle Juice Sno-Cones & Gymnastics

  1. and I thought my Saltine crackers on vanilla ice cream was strange… I believe you’ve won in the strange category!

    Oh by the way, try the crackers, I think you’ll be surprised.

  2. I am sitting here LMAO at the pickle juice snocone! NO WAY!!!!

    I just said to Jake “She made a PICKLE JUICE SNO CONE!!!”

    My gag reflex is having a party in my throat. 😐

    Seriously? Pickle Juice? WHY? WHY? WHY?!?!?! 😆

  3. Brandy- I’ve been eating them every night but anyone that I share them with GAGS!!! I mean like totally throwing up in their mouths. I really do love them,but i’m realizing they are not for everyone!

    what is your weird food that you ate as a child??

  4. ummm….I ate nothing wierd. 😆 heehee hahaha!!

    Seriously. I didn’t. I was such a food wuss.

    Some consider SPAM a wierd food. 😯 I love SPAM! haha!

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