Even If…

…work stuff doesn’t shake out

…I never get my own iPhone

…I don’t get pregnant this year…or next year or the year after that

…my world falls

I will still:

…believe God is faithful

…believe God is the giver of life

…believe God is sufficient for me

…belive God will complete the work he started in me

…praise Him

This is a revelation to me. A huge huge revelation to me.

On Friday I had a major disappointment in my life…my heartย was broken and I felt utterly defeated. I’m was mad at God and cursed Him for it. Truly frustrated and wrecked.

But Kate told me, “God is faithful.”

And Mark told me, “Praise Him anyway.”

I did praise him anyway. On Sunday, I focused on worshipping God and He touched my heart. He hasn’t forgotten about me. He IS faithful.

What will you do when you are wrecked? Will you curse God (like I did initially) or will you praise Him anyway? Will you believe Him even if…?


10 thoughts on “Even If…

  1. Praise him even when it hurts. Good blog, Judi.

    Kate is right – from my journal, just this morning.
    …I hurt for them but I know God is faithfull through it all.

  2. wow! talk about being authentic.

    im so glad you can praise Him girl!

    when i feel wrecked? i tend to retreat into my own little cocoon. it isnt pretty. i “try” to deal on my own. and then i crash. and i run to Him like an injured child. right now…it seems thats what i do best. much growing yet to do.

  3. Your Health, Marks health and a future as a Christian family is so much more important than any job or material thing. I watch my thirty year old nephew with three kids fight for his life with cancer,
    I’ve seen the look on my wife’s eyes when I had to tell her that her father was killed in a car accident. A job, a Iphone can all be replaced, but so many important things cannot. Look around you at others and their situations, and then be thankful for the blessings that God has already gifted you with.

    I don’t mean this in a mean way, I just want you to open your eyes!

  4. Its taken a whole lot of times responding in my humaness with extreme anger and bitterness…but Im right with you Judi….
    I will bless the Lord at ALL times and HIS praise shall CONTINUALLY be in my mouth!!!!!

  5. @smalltowndad…

    the news i received on Friday was health related and I think God did open my eyes to this….

    iphones don’t matter. my job isn’t my sufficiency…etc.

    Thanks for confirming that!

  6. When Brian was at his worst (almost blind in both eyes and pain indescribable), my mom was dying and we didn’t sleep for months, the only thing I did was worship. I would walk our bedroom in the middle of the night and just sing songs I knew or songs only my spirit new, but it definitely drew His presence sometimes in a very tangible way. Truly, the only thing we were created for was to know God intimately all the other stuff is just……well ……earthly.
    Praying for you!

  7. Such a good reminder. Our praise for God shouldn’t be dependent on whether or not we have what we want, get what we want or do what we want. Easy to say, right? It’s a lot harder to live out.

    Thanks for the reminder. Praying for you.

  8. I know God well enough to know that He is the ONLY ONE who can give me solace when I’m walking through painful situations. Worshiping Him during those difficult times is definitely an empowering experience for me as a Christian. It’s usually the time when I hear God with the most clarity and am the most sensitive to the leading of His Spirit. It gives me the stage to influence others to do the same.

    It also makes me feel like I’m giving the devil the middle finger and telling him to “F” off, which is equally empowering:)

    Sometimes, though, this forceful act of going against my human nature leaves me with an interesting perspective of looking at my actions and motives from the outside in. What I mean is that sometimes I find that my flesh can’t keep up when I choose to let my spirit take the reins in painful circumstances. I’m left feeling good about my spiritual victory in the midst of my hurt, yet I still recognize that I also still want what MY nature desires.

    In the end, ultimately, I desire to please God no matter what, no matter how much it hurts. I want HIS BEST and not what I think is the best for me. I just have to reconcile myself to the fact that I’m never going to fully understand the way He works. And sometimes, that really sucks, but I can’t escape the reality that He is the ONLY ONE who takes the most prodigious care of me.

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