Mark and I looked at bedroom furniture last night because our room is a DISASTER AREA! It’s the only room in the house that is constantly in disarray. I blame it on not having good bedroom furniture (I’m pretty clever).

Then I realized at work this morning. I have a clutter problem. I have stuff everywhere….

STUFF PILED ON STUFF! I have a thousand pens and highlighters in my drawer. A thousand papers in my inbox. Six post it pads stacked on top of each other – WHO NEEDS THAT MANY!?!?!

I need to purge some stuff. Not just at my desk at work and not just in my dungeon of a bedroom, but I need to purge stuff that has been bugging me lately. Stuff like my job issues, my parent issues, my baby making issues, my weight issues. I could go on and on. Is my desk and bedroom just a reflection of the condition of my heart??

Let the purging begin starting with my desk:



10 thoughts on “STUFF EVERYWHERE!

  1. No way, don’t clean it.. Disorder is the natural state of any desk and cleaning it will incur the wrath of the desk gods who will surely ensure that you can’t find what you are looking for tomorrow. And you will inevitably say the day after you clean, “I wish I hadn’t cleaned up, I can’t find anything now!”

  2. Just lived 18 years in a 4000 sg ft home, just moved into our new 2200 sq ft home. Take my advise, anything you haven’t used or look at in the last 3 months (except for husbands, family members or friends) get rid of it! Donate it, Sell it or trash it. You’ll thank me on your next move.

    It’s great to hear your spirits up again!

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