“Free” is not my last name…

I got the following comment yesterday:

Just for the heckofit I googled my name and was so suprised to find your blog. I thought my name was unusual enough that there wouldn’t be someone else with the exact same one…I guess we’re not as unique as we think!

For the record…my last name isn’t “FREE”. I wish it was, but it’s not. My name is Judith Thomas. I’m married to the amazing Mark Thomas. JudiFree is a nickname I’ve had for about 7 years (it’s my favorite nickname…it really beats “BIG BOOTY JUDI” which was my childhood nickname)

Did anyone else think my last name is Free?? What’s your nickname??


14 thoughts on ““Free” is not my last name…

  1. “Big Booty Judi” – that’s funny and terrible all at the same! I called my sister ‘Bertha Big Butt”, but I got in trouble too much for that. 🙂

    I don’t have any nicknames that have stuck well. I’ve had different ones in different seasons, but not a strong one that’s stood the test of time.

  2. Being married for 23 years, I think my nickname is Honey-Do…and all of us husbands know what that means. In school it was Hazetta, a name I received for doing so many paintings of the great artist Frank Frazetta.

  3. That is so funny that this poor Judi Free person somewhere in the world thought she had a new companion. My maiden name was Mahoney so I was called Ma-homo pretty often. There are other names that would not be appropriate to share online.

  4. I never thought Free was your last name. Wow that lady is back to being “unique.” Actually Chrissie was my first nickname, since then there have been Kissy, Kissypher, hippopotomus, chrissie-tina, tina, chris, and Aunt dee dee. The last one is my favorite I think, started by Ellie and continued by Sophie.


    That is a darn good nickname. Plus, Judith Thomas doesn’t seem all that distinct to me. Now if your name were Jeravius Marcum Marschild then I would say, yes that is a rare name.

  6. yes ma’am. I thought your last name was Free until I came to your blog. 😉

    My nicknames? Well, around the blogs it’s Bwan or Bwan Muffin. Thank Tammy and Love for that. 😆

    But Bran pretty much does it for me. Not really a nickname though now is it??

    Does mommy count??? 😆

  7. My middle name is Rose, so my uncle used to call me smelly rose. If thats not bad enough my dad used to call me “boogie”. Great nicknames right?
    Fortunately, my dad also called me “sugarlump”.

  8. Tyler had a friend who used to call me Stephboogie… until he went to jail for breaking into Tyler’s house and driving their cars while they were in Florida last year.

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